Friday Free-for-All – Look Twice, Save a Life!

This is a great post from Mike at Running Around the Bend that I had to re-blog.

Something I believe that we as drivers need to do – Look Twice for motorcycle, bicycles, pedestrians and yes – even other runners.

Also the rest of the post has many words of wisdom that need to be heard.

Running Around the Bend

Look Twice Save a Life - Runner

On Wednesday as I was out running I noticed a few lawn signs for the motorcycle safety campaign ‘Look Twice, Save a Life’. And since I had just done my ‘Slow the F Down’ post I was thinking how it would be great for drivers to be careful of all the runners out and about.

Here are some other thoughts this week:

Running – the weather has been hot and humid, but I am not complaining … it just awesome to toss on my shirt and shorts and GO! As a result I have been pushing it … I had done more than 70 miles last week, which caused me to look back: in May I’d done 29 of 31 days and over 250 miles, and was up to 14 out of 15 days in June with about 125 miles … and so I took off this Monday and will…

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3 thoughts on “Friday Free-for-All – Look Twice, Save a Life!

  1. Thanks for the reblog 🙂 You and I have both talked about the ‘nice people’ who help us exercise our ’emergency avoidance systems’ by running us off the roads intentionally … but there are so many other times when we see people mindlessly doing things that end up being very dangerous. It is scary … and I hate having to read about some biker/walker/runner dead almost every week at the same time I constantly see people driving while texting/talking/applying makeup/eating/whatever.

    1. Distracted driving is the cause of so many avoidable crashes – notice I didn’t say accident. When a driver chooses to be distracted they are creating dangerous situations for everyone. Yes, we have all done many of those things, but with the new addiction to texting and driving, it seems to have gotten exponentially worse.

  2. Motorcycles are everywhere, but usually moving up to the traffic light between cars. Pisses me off. The other day I saw a bike start to move to the right to weave between the lines of cars. As he did so the car in front of him flashed his blue lights hidden behind the tinted rear window of his un-marked police car.Loved it!
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked a driver in the eye, waved thank you, and they have still cut in front of me.

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