Active Rest Day – RunLog 6-23-14

Beautiful day
Beautiful day

Yep, I need a day for resting!

Yesterday’s Rail Trail 5K, left my hamstring sore, so it needs a day or so to recover. It is not painful just sore (big difference). I was still able to do my mobilization routine, Day 19 of the Kinetic Revolution’s 30 Day Challenge and a little weight work in the back of the garage, without too much in the way of discomfort.

However, running a few steps this morning during Bennie’s first walk caused the discomfort level to get a little more than I wanted to play with today.

So I figure that I will not do my run today and just relax a bit.

However, Bennie didn’t get to run yesterday and when we headed out later to do his long walk, he was grabbing the leash and pulling to tell me exactly how unhappy he was about just walking. Continue reading “Active Rest Day – RunLog 6-23-14”

Week In Review – The Good and The Bad 6-22-14

IMG_20140622_082205_663I am at the point of recovering from an injury where it becomes a freaking roller coaster ride. One day you feel like you are make huge progress and then the next you are down in darkest, deepest of lows thinking that you will never run well again.

It sucks.

However, it seems that is what I and I have a feeling many athletes go through, when they are rehabbing from an injury. How about you, do you go through this same roller coaster ride?

Maybe I should look at Shane Victorino’s lack of progress or slow progress, who has had hamstring woes, since the MLB season began and who has access to the best medical and rehab big money can have. Yet he still is just coming back to playing, so even a professional baseball player with all their advantages, still have to take time for things to heal.

It is hard though.

Overall, I ran well this week and went over 40 miles for first time since April. Probably a little too much too soon, but at the same time a lot of these runs were done with Bennie, he accounted for an extra 12+ miles and 6 doubles this week.

No they are not cheap extra miles, they are typically between 8:00 and 8:20 pace and holding on to a dog who wants to run faster is a pretty good workout, especially when he decided to go on a tangent and tried to pull me along with him :-).

I am running more, which is the important thing and yes I am trying to run smarter.

Proof of that was last Tuesday’s 8K Trail Race at Quarry Road, I know the course and after going to the Chiro that morning, decided not to run the 8K. In the past, I just would have sucked it up and done it.

That is progress for me. Continue reading “Week In Review – The Good and The Bad 6-22-14”