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Yeah I Know What I Should Do – RunLog 6-26-14

Yesterday morning it was still raining slightly when Bennie and I went for our run, and then when I went for my solo effort, it was still “misting” pretty good. In other words it was perfect running weather in my opinion with temps in the high 50’s and a bit of a breeze.

Rainy day on 6-26-14

Rainy day on 6-26-14

So how did I do, after taking Wednesday off and breaking our 20 day running streak?

Just okay.

Dad, when are we going for a run?

Dad, when are we going for a run?

During Bennie’s run, I purposely went slower and tried not to push too hard, even though Bennie kept grabbing the leash and tugging at it. You know encouraging me to run faster.

Strava - Bennie Run 6-26-14

Strava – Bennie Run 6-26-14

As usual we didn’t run consistently and it was more like an interval workout than a steady paced run. Oh well we got out there and had fun.

  • Distance: 2.3
  • Time: 19:31
  • Pace: 8:31/mi
  • Shoes: Skechers GoBionic Trail 6-18-14 (16.3 mi)

Run #2

I was debating whether to go for a run or just rest the hamstring. I waited about 10 minutes after getting back from running with Bennie, I decided to go ahead, changed my shoes and planned on doing 2-3 miles comfortably.

The hamstring is still sore when I am running – hell it is the only time it bothers me.  Oh well.

Strava - stats 6-26-14

Strava – stats 6-26-14

During both of the runs, my gait just felt off, the entire time, nothing was fluid.

It felt almost as though everything, but my left hamstring wanted to fly and the hamstring was perfectly happy with slogging along. It was a weird feeling?

You can see in a few places where I worked on toe-off and quicker arm swing and naturally picked up the pace, then hammie would complain and we would go back to the slog.

Oh well, my goal races are over until September and I have a choice, either go ahead shut it down for at least 2 weeks, to let the hamstring really heal up or continue to battle the hamstring, until it finally heals up in spite of my best efforts to screw things up.

Yes, I know what I should do, but I hate not running so much.

Oh well, I will finish up this week and then see how I feel.



  1. I get what you are saying – it seems like your hamstring could languish at its current state or just slowly improve across the course of the summer. Obviously I don’t know how things will turn out .. but I know it is a hard choice to make! I tend to think you should take some time off … but that is an easy thing for me to say, but I couldn’t possibly imagine doing it myself! 🙂

    • Yeah, yesterday, I was ready to bag it for 2 weeks, then today, I go out and rock my Bennie run and still have enough left to do okay on my own run. Really have a bad case of Running injury recovery madness going. I will be seeing my Chiro Monday and talking with him about Sciatic Nerve and hamstring scar tissue and how they might not be getting along right now.

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