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Month: July 2014

An Introverted Runner – That is Me

Running is an important part of my life, but not for the reasons that are obvious: weight-loss physical fitness mental benefits more leeway in eating what I want They are […]

TomTom GPS Watch – Review Update

Back on February 27, 2014, I initially reviewed my TomTom GPS runner watch and since then I have used it almost daily, so it is time for an update to […]

Raspberry Picking and Life

The other day, I was out picking raspberries. While out there in the hot sun, I had a lot of time to think about how picking them is a lot […]

I Ran Today – RunLog 7-21-14

Yes, I ran – no it wasn’t fast, well…not too fast and I did run twice ;-). Run #1 The first run was a pretty careful run, I wanted to […]

WOW! Fantastic Customer Service

Yesterday, we went to Berlin, New Hampshire for TheWife’s Hawkinson (and all the other 100 or so other ways you can spell the name) – family reunion. We had a […]

Just a Slight Blog Update

No nothing is wrong, no new injuries or anything earth shattering – Thank Goodness. It is just a little update to this blog. When I got rid of the name […]

It HAS Been A Tough Year

This morning I was going through my reading list and Christine over at Love, Life, Surf, had a great post (5 Tips For Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Learning to Fly) that […]

Racing Flats – Do Make a Difference

Back in February, I wrote the post Racing Flats Who Needs Them. I was wrong! Yeah I am admitting that I was completely wrong. Racing flats do make a difference for […]

What’s Going On – RunLog 7-16-14

On Saturday afternoon, I had a dual axle trailer about half-full of hay run over my right foot. You can read the dirty details here When the tire went over […]