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Sorta Speedwork – RunLog 7-1-14

I am tired of whining, pissing and moaning about my frigging leg. No matter how I do, it isn’t going to change anything.

I know that I will still do it, but at some point everyone else has to be getting sick of it being the primary topic of conversation on my blog and when any of my local running buddies see me.

After yesterday’s Chiro appointment, if all that is wrong with my leg is accumulated scar tissue rubbing together and irritating the hell out of my hamstring, there ain’t a whole hell of a lot that I can do about it.

Scar tissue does not dissolve, go away or any of the other fairy tales that I have heard. About all you can do is make it softer and more pliable, so it isn’t as painful when it rubs over each other.

So unless there is a miracle cure for softening up scar tissue out there that I haven’t heard of, it means that this crap  is just something that I am going to have to learn to live with, if I want to keep running.

Which I am going to do.

No two pieces of scar tissue rubbing together is not the most comfortable feeling when I am running, but as long as I am not doing too much further damage to my hamstrings, I can handle the discomfort. It just means that I will not ever be as fast as I was 2 months ago, but at least I will still be running, which is the most important thing.

So this morning, after getting an inspection sticker on the Toyota – yes it passed, so all the work we did on it was worth the effort.

I went down to the Rail Trail and parked on the other side of Hallowell at the 2.75 mile marker and proceeded to run towards Gardiner, to do some quarter-mile intervals – my favorite type of speed work (well I prefer to do quarters on the track, but I didn’t feel like driving over to Cony or up to Colby).

Yes it was already 82F and climbing, with high humidity.

Strava Stats 7-1-14

Strava Stats 7-1-14


While I called it speed work, it was more like swimming in sweat and while I did 8 x 1/4’s, they were not all that fast, but they were faster than I have been purposely running in training since April. So while my body was rebelling at the idea of running fast in hot weather and doing track work on the rail trail, I kept pushing through, without being totally stupid about it.

Yeah, I walked for a little after each quarter, after the half-way mark of the run, it was too hot for me not to and still be able to do quarters.

I gotta admit the heat/humidity didn’t let me push too hard and for some reason or other my hamstring was barking at me and I was doing my best to ignore it. The other part is that while doing some strengthening exercises last week, I aggravated my right IT band it was letting me know it wasn’t happy either.

Suck it up boys, because you are going to get used to it, while we keep running and you will heal while we are doing it  🙂

Bennie’s Run

Bennie and I went for a slower mile run downback, they just went through with the grader, which made footing even more treacherous. I did have to laugh at Bennie though, when we got to the road, I had told him that we were going to walk, not run because it was too hot. He was having none of it, he grabbed the leash and started pulling on it using his playful growl, that means get your ass in gear you old fart, we are running.

As soon as my watch went off for the mile split he stopped and walked along like that had been the plan all along, just run a mile, get a smile going and find a puddle to drink out of on the side of the road. Crazy dawg, but I guess we are a good match…whatever would I mean by that.

I ran in the Skechers GoMEB2’s and they were fine. Today I tried them without socks and while the heel bothered a little, nothing else seemed to bother too much. It was a good test of the shoes and they disappeared on my feet, which is what I wanted.

The reality is that 

At some point, I have to decide to move on and the hamstring will either get better, stay the same or get worse. I am not going to completely dumb about it, but I have rehabbd it for 2 months now, without any significant change for the worse or the better and the status quo – just doesn’t work for me. The roller coaster ride it is taking me on is getting old and I am getting off the roller coaster.

I am not going to do trail running for a while, because it does bother the hamstring, but running on the roads doesn’t seem to bother me nearly as much and the discomfort level gets to a certain point in a run and then stops getting worse at a fairly acceptable level, so I am just going to go running, do my warm-ups, training, strides and strengthening/stretching/mobility routines like I normally would and see where it goes.

The one concession I will make is that I will not run as fast as I can or need to meet my personal goals and even cut the mileage that day if the discomfort goes beyond a certain level.

I guess I just want to get back to training and stop the injury rehab drivel, I have written about, thinking about and letting run my running life for the past two months.

Wish me luck as I get back to my roots of being a Ramshackle Runnah.


  1. Good luck – this might just be the ‘new normal’ for you, finding a pace and distance range that will work well for you to allow you sustained runs for the foreseeable future! At least I hope so.

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