Mid-Year Look Back 2014

Gratuitous photo of me, after picking up my 2nd place age group award. Thanks Brian for taking the photo
Thanks Brian for taking the photo

Yes, yet another runnah looking back at what happened since January 1st.

I didn’t win the lottery, land the job of my dreams (I already have that), win the Boston Marathon (but Meb did) or accomplish anything that set off the seismograph.

Nope, I basically had a pretty hum-drum first part of the year, even though I am sure that I will find plenty to write about.

So what has happened? Continue reading “Mid-Year Look Back 2014”

Getting Acclimated – RunLog 7-2-14

I must be starting to get acclimated to the heat/humidity a little. While I went slow today for both runs, they really didn’t make me feel that bad, even with it almost 90 degrees and high humidity.

First Run

Bennie and I ran down-back, they had just graded all the dirt road yesterday, so it was tricky and if you are not careful an ankle breaker waiting to happen. Need some rain and lots of traffic to drive over it to calm it down. Until then no fast running with Bennie down there, to much of a risk for getting hurt.

Strava Bennie Run 7-2-14
Strava Bennie Run 7-2-14

Plus in this heat, he doesn’t go so much like a bat out of hell after we hit the dirt and tends to just lope along and plays in the old mud puddles in the ditch as we run along. He did have that doggie grin going today, especially when we were walking and he got to play in the stream. Continue reading “Getting Acclimated – RunLog 7-2-14”