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Getting Acclimated – RunLog 7-2-14

I must be starting to get acclimated to the heat/humidity a little. While I went slow today for both runs, they really didn’t make me feel that bad, even with it almost 90 degrees and high humidity.

First Run

Bennie and I ran down-back, they had just graded all the dirt road yesterday, so it was tricky and if you are not careful an ankle breaker waiting to happen. Need some rain and lots of traffic to drive over it to calm it down. Until then no fast running with Bennie down there, to much of a risk for getting hurt.

Strava Bennie Run 7-2-14

Strava Bennie Run 7-2-14

Plus in this heat, he doesn’t go so much like a bat out of hell after we hit the dirt and tends to just lope along and plays in the old mud puddles in the ditch as we run along. He did have that doggie grin going today, especially when we were walking and he got to play in the stream.

Second Run


I had to go run in Augusta again today.

Last night I was headed to volunteer at the Quarry Road 5k Trail Race and got a flat tire and it was a fiasco to get it changed. More because of my stupidity than anything else, last winter I had to change the tire in the Jeep and left a lot of the stuff in it and forgot about it. More than a little dumb! I didn’t have the stuff I needed to lower the spare from under the bed and couldn’t find it when the neighbor drove me home.

Luckily her husband showed up and he has a Ford truck too and had the piece I needed. We attempted to plug the hole, but it was too big and we had to use the spare, which was when the air got a little salty – oh well. Lesson learned – make sure that you have all the stuff you need in your vehicle(s) to be able to change that tire that will blow at the worst possible moment.

Needless to say I was late getting to Quarry Road and missed the kid’s fun run, but was able to man the water stop and from the grateful glances and comments, I was glad I was there to man it.

When I went to the tire place this morning they told me it was a 1″ gash in the tire (no wonder it wouldn’t hold any air :-). So as usual instead of waiting to get a new tire,  I went for a hot run 87/high humidity up around the VA Cemetery.

Strava Stats 7-2-14

Strava Stats 7-2-14

I only wanted to do an easy 3.0 and in the heat I didn’t push it. I actually felt pretty good for a second run and didn’t have any issues, so that was a plus. Now tires are rotated and new tire is now my rear drive tire and my old rear tires are up front to have the same wear on the front makes sense. In the late fall I have a feeling that I will be needing 3 more new tires :-), just the way it works – it is our primary snow/bad weather vehicle in the winter and it has to have great tires, not just good enough.

Overall, a very good recovery day, after a couple of harder for me runs.

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