Hat was a Leaky Faucet – RunLog 7-3-14

Running errr swimming today was pretty good and with the number of horseflies, mosquitoes and black flies down-back made it so that you didn’t linger too long in one place.

Yeah it was hot
Yeah it was hot

First Run

Was with Bennie and he wanted to fly! My legs were feeling reasonable so I was willing to push a little faster with him than I have been.

  • Course: Bennie Run Down-back
  • 2.3 — Distance
  • 18:25 — Time
  • 8:02/mi — Pace
  • Shoes: Skechers GoBionic Trail 6-18-14 (20.8 mi)

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A Slight Name Change

Okay, so it might not be a slight change, but after I changed my blog’s name to Ramshackle Runnah, I felt as though the name change brought some very negative vibes to how I was writing and feeling about my running.

The name of your blog says a lot about you and what perspective you will be writing from.

I know that I do not do everything by the book when it comes to running, but it seemed like after I changed the name back in May, I was always dwelling on the negative stuff that I do. Which is not what I want to focus on, especially since I do a LOT more things right than I do wrong, when it comes to my running.

My blog is supposed to be a positive part of my running/life and it was turning into a negative, because I was focusing too or so much on how much of a ramshackle mess I have made of myself.

I had to change that perspective!

New Name

I have thought about a new name for a while and had lots and lots of ideas, but finally – after nothing seemed or looked right to me. Finally, I figured out that the answer was right in front of me.

I just needed to K.I.S.S. the name of my blog – you know Keep It Simple Stupid (never said I was very politically correct).

So welcome to:

Runnah header 7-3-14

Yes that’s it – Runnah.

  • Short, simple, no fuss, no muss and if you are from Maine that is how you say Runner.
  • The tagline will evolve as I change things up, but for now I just want to keep things simple.
  • The photo in the background is the road down-back where I do a lot of my running, both by myself and with Bennie. So it is appropriate to use for the header, although I am sure it will change from time to time.

This is the last name change for my blog.

After all it meets all of my requirements and is the URL.