Another ACAR Run – RunLog 7-7-14

Time to get caught up on my running log, it has been a few days and I am falling behind again.

It seems that I have spent more than a few too many mornings at Al’s Certified Auto & Repair shop lately, but the Jeep’s left front tire developed another leak (what is it with me an tires lately), but anyways as usual I wasn’t going to sit around and just wait – I went for a run.

I snuck down through Hallowell (which is mostly downhill from ACAR) and got on the Rail Trail at MM 2.75 and ran down to 4.50 and returned. This section of the R/T is probably my favorite, it is rolling, not flat and there is even shade most of the way.

Strava Stats 7-7-14
Strava Stats 7-7-14

The first mile was quicker than I expected and I was working on keeping my stride shorter/quicker and not flapping my arms around or crossing them over the center-line. Actually, I felt the run was a lot smoother as far as my pace went, that is the one thing about the TomTom GPS watch that I am not crazy about, it makes me look like I am doing intervals all the time. Which I do not feel when I am running.

Could I tell I was slowing down as the run went on – definitely and in a couple of places I attempted to pick up the pace a little, especially on some of the downhills, but it was getting hot and muggy (82F when I finished), so I expect that, especially when I am running by effort, not pace.

Overall, a very good run.

In other news, I was basically fired by my Chiro.

No I am not whining or anything about it, because it was a pleasant conversation and if I need to go back for something else I will, but we agreed that he had accomplished as much as I was going to let him with my hamstring.

Basically, I am still having some pain/weakness in the leg and when he asked if I would be willing to shut-down running for 2 weeks – I declined. At that point we went through the appointment he did some pain threshold digging and I bit back screaming :-). We talked about the injury, just about healed, injury cycle that runners can get into and that he believes I am in and that the only way to get out of it is to stop running. I listened to what he had to say and even though he is probably right – that I will keep running.

He told me, that is the answer that he expected from me and chuckled a little, but in the end he basically let me know that unless I was willing to take a couple of weeks off, that there wasn’t a lot more he could do for me. I agreed and we didn’t schedule any further appointments.

Even though he fired me as a patient I would recommend Kennebec Valley Chiropractic aka Dr. Lawson to anyone, it is just that I am not the greatest patient and will be the first to admit it.

Yeah, the hamstring is still little sore and yes the leg feels “weird” from time to time, but it is getting better and I know that.

Is it as fast as I want – of course not, but as long as it continues to improve while I am doing what I am doing, I will keep running conservatively on it and not do anything too stupid or if it starts to hurt stop what I am doing.

But I will keep running, because for me running is much more than just a physical act I do to stay in shape or be able to eat my whoopie pies and ice cream.

Let’s just leave it at that and know that I will run, until I can’t.

Yep – the stubborn old bastid is back.


2 thoughts on “Another ACAR Run – RunLog 7-7-14

  1. Bad patient 🙂 I’m one, too…look where it got me…
    Is it the same tire leaking? Could it be a rim problem?
    Enjoy your running! I ordered a special brace that has helped some runners with more surgeries than I had and for worse things that experienced the same problems when running. My fingers and ties are crossed I’ll be able to run a couple times a week (eventually) after it arrives.

    1. Erik – good luck with the brace!!! and YOU WILL run again.

      Bad patient, I have just had more experience with being one and less knife time than you have ;-), but I do the running for more than physical reasons, so I go further than I should probably. 🙂

      Yeah, if it keeps up, they told me I would have to get a new one, the salt and crap they put on the roads up heah, plays hell with anything that can corrode – does.

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