Most Inspiring Blogger Award Meme

Since I am not going to do a RunLog post today, I only did a couple of miles with Bennie, I wanted to do something different.

While I am not all that big on these blogger award meme’s that go around the blogosphere, due to the amount of personal information that tends to be given during one of those posts.

Also I consider them a bit of artificial linking back to the person who nominated you in the post, so while the intent of many of the people who nominate others for these “blogging awards” is completely innocent and an effort to expose others to blogs that they love.

From where I sit they can also be an artificial effort to drive traffic back to a  blog. Yes, I understand the numbers game for social media marketing and how much page views affects bloggers who chose to do it or need to grow their blogs to attract more/different clients.

To be honest, while I love to read these award memes on the many blogs I follow, after all they are interesting and fun to read, I usually tend to ignore doing them myself. Due to the privacy concerns (if you put it on the Internet – it is no longer private) and the social media marketing connections/connotations some of these memes have.

However, every once in a while I get the urge to do something other than write about my running or running in general, so here goes and since I do not mind linking back to Mike and Andy – I love and read all of their posts, here goes: Continue reading “Most Inspiring Blogger Award Meme”

12 x 20 Second Strides – RunLog 7-8-14

TheWife is on vacation this week, so my schedule is slightly different from it usually is. In other words my schedule is more about what she wants to do and I get my runs/workouts in around that.

Last night she was spending the night with SD2, so I got to entertain myself around the house, which meant that I got bored (which can be dangerous). Bennie is great company, but he ain’t much of a conversationalist and after his last walk I decided to finish up my Kinetic Revolution workout.

A part of  this workout was doing 12 moderate effort repeats focusing on my arm swing and keeping my stride shorter and quicker. I changed it up to being a speed workout.

What in the hell are you doing Harold?

This is one of those do not do as I do posts and if you have an injury and need to rehab it, do not be like me and actually listen to your medical professionals or coaches for what you should be doing after an injury. 

You ran a tough run yesterday morning and it was still in the mid 70’s with a lot of humidity. On Monday your Chiro fired your ass, because you wouldn’t take his advise to take a couple of weeks off and here you are doing speed work the next day – are you f$%*&$#+ nuts.


At the same time, get over it.

I know my body better than anyone else and I am feeling 100% better than I was a couple of weeks ago.

So in spite of the Chiro’s recommendations (which I acknowledge are based on sound medical advice) and what many others would consider to be common sense, I am going to fail or succeed doing it my way.

Stubborn old bastid that I am.

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