Serious Weight Training Session – RunLog 7-11-14

Just a bit of hay
Just a bit of hay

I am running a bit late at getting around to writing my post today, but I just got through eating supper a bit ago and have a sneaking suspicion I am going to be massively sore tomorrow!!!

One of the neighbors, was haying and when I drove by, their “crew” was pretty slim pickings, so I stopped over to their place and offered to give a hand. Needless to say, they were both surprised and happy to have another hand.

Yeah, I knew what I was getting myself into, when I was a young fella, I did this quite a bit, so I “knew”:

that I would not be able to pick and load the last two tiers in the hay wagon. In the past, I just never had the arm strength to get the bales up past the 4th tier. Today, I really surprised myself and was able to toss-up to the 6th tier on the last wagon load. I guess all the strength training I have done is paying off a little. Continue reading “Serious Weight Training Session – RunLog 7-11-14”