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Serious Weight Training Session – RunLog 7-11-14

Just a bit of hay

Just a bit of hay

I am running a bit late at getting around to writing my post today, but I just got through eating supper a bit ago and have a sneaking suspicion I am going to be massively sore tomorrow!!!

One of the neighbors, was haying and when I drove by, their “crew” was pretty slim pickings, so I stopped over to their place and offered to give a hand. Needless to say, they were both surprised and happy to have another hand.

Yeah, I knew what I was getting myself into, when I was a young fella, I did this quite a bit, so I “knew”:

that I would not be able to pick and load the last two tiers in the hay wagon. In the past, I just never had the arm strength to get the bales up past the 4th tier. Today, I really surprised myself and was able to toss-up to the 6th tier on the last wagon load. I guess all the strength training I have done is paying off a little.

6 Tiers of hay

6 Tiers of hay

that I have a hard time keeping up with the young fella’s. I kept up and even managed to hold my own quite nicely – thank you. I have a feeling it was more just wanting to get the work done. I did surprise them and myself when I jogged back to the barn from the field and beat the hay truck there by quite bit.

that I would get lots of hay chaff cuts/scratches. Yep, I did, but they didn’t hurt like I remembered them doing when I got in the shower, which was nice.

that I would be sore when I got done – This one here – no doubt about.

It was nice to be able to help out the neighbors and get a GREAT workout in at the same time. Also, haying brought back a lot of memories from days gone by. Yeah I am pretty tired, but feeling pretty good too.

Run #1

This morning on my Bennie Run, I decided to wear my GoMeb’s and go a little faster with the Bean. I did a full warm-up and really paid attention to my left Achilles, which still felt tight this morning. Bennie couldn’t wait to get started and right from the start did truck right along and the slower spots are where we met 3 deer (Bennie REALLY wanted to go cross-country) and had to move over to the side of the road to avoid vehicles.

Strava Bennie Run 7-11-14

Strava Bennie Run 7-11-14

We have to slow down quite a bit on this dirt road, when we move over to the side (it is rocky and the footing more than a little tricky), especially in racing flats ;-).

In spite of those interruptions, I was pleasantly surprised at the paces we were able to hit a few times.

Strava Pace Distribution 7-11-14

Strava Pace Distribution 7-11-14

Although the majority of the pace was at Tempo pace, I spent more time in the Z4 and Z5 than I have in a long time. This is the first time I have gone over a minute total in the Anaerobic zone, since April, it actually felt pretty good to just run fast for a change.

Bennie didn’t complain today, when we stopped, he just looked for the nearest puddle, did a long drink and went wading.

Running down back (even with the downhill sections), means that I can usually add 20-30 seconds on to each mile split, just due to the rockiness of the roads.

Run #2

I going to run another 6.0 miles and wanted to through some hard Fartleks into the workout, but when I got home, I had a message on my phone requesting Chief Warrant Officer Shaw, please return the call.

I never get called that anymore, so I called the number as quick as possible. I retired back in 1996, more than 18 years ago, so it was weird to hear someone address me by my rank again and I wondered what was up, because the message was rather cryptic. After all that time, I was pretty sure it was something pretty routine, because all of my experience and expertise is so out of date – I would be next to useless in my old rating. Fortunately, it wasn’t a big deal,  just some issues with my retired pay that needed to get straightened out and they didn’t have all the answers to my questions and said that they would call me back.

Which meant that I wasn’t going to be able to run until they did. An hour later, I got the call-back and got things straightened out.

Unfortunately, even though I had stayed busy while waiting for the call, I also had cooled-off and had tightened up.

Which meant that there was no way, I was going to do 6.0 miles with hard Fartleks thrown in.

I decided to just do an easy 4.0 and call it good.

Strava Stats 7-11-14

Strava Stats 7-11-14

It was just a nice run and after yesterday’s shut-down run, I needed the two good runs today.

How did the GoMebs do on two very different runs? I didn’t think about them, except for a couple of times when a rock jumped in front of me and tried to bite the bottom of my foot. I wouldn’t want to run in them all that often down back with Bennie towing me behind him, but for a occassional faster run down there with him, they worked great. I wanted to wear them on a slower run, just to see if they would bother me when I am running slower, they were not an issue – at all.

Now to get them in a road race and see how they do

Overall, I felt like I accomplished a lot today.

Running faster than I have for an extended period felt good and even though Bennie might have slowed me down in a couple of spots, he also helped to motivate me to run faster in a couple of others, so even though running with him is not always the easiest thing, I still like doing it.

Changing up my plans to meet the current conditions is something I am getting better at. I am running more and more by feel, not worrying about putting together a specific plan, but at the same time, I have an idea of how many miles I want/need to run per week and the different workouts that I need to do to keep improving.

In other words I am feeling pretty confident about how my training and rehab are going so far this week.

Yeh, it did feel good to help out the neighbors with haying tonight, I have a feeling that I will be sore in the morning. It did bring back a few memories of the summers I worked on the farm and actually had a six-pack for a stomach.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this pair of Skechers GoMeb2′s from the local Skechers Performance Division representative after volunteering at the Skechers display booth at the Rail Trail Half Marathon & 5K, at no cost to me.  I was not required to write a positive review or any review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and your experience with the product might be different. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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