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What’s Going On – RunLog 7-16-14

6 Tiers of hay

6 Tiers of hay

On Saturday afternoon, I had a dual axle trailer about half-full of hay run over my right foot.

You can read the dirty details here

When the tire went over my foot there was considerable pain initially, so I know that things got squashed pretty good and probably ground things together that normally don’t touch one another. All-in-all not good things, but the way it is.

Looking back, I was pretty lucky, it doesn’t seem that it did serious damage.

However, the foot is still sore and I have a pretty good idea that it will be for a while, but the good news is that I am able to walk on it and work around the house.

That is – as long as I do not go overboard (you know be stupid – doing Harold being Harold stuff) and keep resting it when I can.

So until the soreness goes away, I am not planning to run and be very conservative about my walking and exercise routines.

Which sucks, but it is the correct course of action.

How is Bennie taking it?

Bennie doing his best to get me to run again

Bennie doing his best to get me to run again

However, I really feel sorry for Bennie, he was really getting used to his daily run and over the last few days when I do his mid-morning long walk, (which is typically when we run), he gets all excited, begins to pull me down the driveway. Then when we get to where we usually start running, he starts to pull me really hard, to get us going.

When I give the command to stop.

He looks at me like “What’s going on?” How come we aren’t running?”

You know that little WTF look and then Bennie tries to pull me to start running some more.

When we do not, instead of his typical perky walk, he walks along with that hung dog look like he did something wrong and keeps looking back at me to ask “What did I do and why do we have to walk” look of disappointment.

It bothers me more that he isn’t running more than it is bothering me now.

Oh well, we will both survive, but I do feel bad for Bennie.

Honey-do List

However, this not running for a while is giving me a chance to work on my Honey-Do list, which my loving wife put together last week while she was on vacation.


This when I found out how bad the steps were and afterwards made my first trip to home depot.

Monday, I did my carpenter impression and started fixing the front steps.

Yep no doubt about it, it was a bit of a fiasco, especially since the risers were in a lot worse shape than we had thought and the steps needed to be completely rebuilt (probably a lot like my legs, if I ever let them take an MRI, I have a feeling the results wouldn’t be pretty). Part of the fiasco was that it took 3 trips to Home Depot to finally get the right stuff, since I had to change the design twice to make it work.

Steps after a session of meatball carpentry

Steps after a session of meatball carpentry

I am at best a meatball carpenter, who knows what he should do, except when it comes to cutting angles. I did a bit of carpentry back in the dark ages, but often can’t remember how to do it right the first time and have to re-do or scrap what I have done and start over again.

Once I got past the re-learning stage, things started to come back to me and although the rebuild isn’t perfect, the steps are a LOT better than they were. They are at least safe to walk up or down. Though I still have the top deck to replace, but that shouldn’t be too bad, now that I have the steps done.

So that is what is going on and I have a feeling it will be another week, probably two before I start running. I want to be sure that the foot is just fine, before I start abusing it again. 🙂

Yeah it sucks, but I will be back to running soon.

Watching Jimmy V’s speech again on ESPN this morning, puts this minor set-back into the proper perspective.

Laugh, Think, Cry – everyday.

Don’t give up, Don’t ever give up.



  1. I know the look Benny gives you well. It’s been in the mid 90s for two weeks.. 97 here today. Andi doesn’t get it. I wish she loved swimming!

    • That look is so hard to dismiss, but sometimes it is what it is. Yeah when it is that hot, I don’t let Bennie run too far, though he still wants to. I will run a ways and keep a close eye on him and then stop running when I see the tongue start to hang or if he starts going for the puddles more than usual. Then I get the look, like well are going to run or not. 🙂

      Bennie loves puddles or ditches, but won’t go in above his knees hehehe.

  2. Funny that you feel worse about poor Bennie than yourself 🙂 I am glad that things seem to be healing up – as you noted before, you are very, very lucky!

    I hope things get back soon you can set aside your carpentry skills for a bit and get back to running!

    I also had to laugh about the multiple trips to get the project done … I have slowly developed skills through the years such as painting, electrical, carpentry, HVAC and so on … all at a total hack level, but better than overpaying someone who really doesn’t care about your house!

    • Bennie is my running buddy and he loves to run as much as I do, maybe more.:-)

      Right now it is at that it is still sore and I probably did more damage than I want to admit, it is just that I am so used to running with discomfort, that a little extra isn’t as big a deal as it might be for someone else. So it is more a question of giving my body the time it needs to let whatever is going heal and not rushing back to the roads to soon.

      The carpentry skills are okay, it is just that I don’t practice them and I think I am a better runner than carpenter, which considering how many injuries I have, probably is not a good comparison 😉

      I think that is one of the joys of home ownership, we hate to pay someone to do the shitty little jobs that take a little bit of skill, but take someone who knows what they are doing less than an hour, yet can take us most of the day.

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