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Just a Slight Blog Update

No nothing is wrong, no new injuries or anything earth shattering – Thank Goodness.

It is just a little update to this blog.

When I got rid of the name Ramshackle Runnah, I did it because the name was just so damn negative, I decided to use the URL descriptor – Runnah as the name of my blog. While I wasn’t really satisfied with just using Runnah, due to the levels of negativity that I was feeling about my blog on the day I changed the name, I just did it.

Changing to Runnah, gave me time to really think about what the best name/title for my blog should be.

Yeah, I am a runnah, but what else? I am a lot of other things too and simply using Runnah sounded too much like a magazine or commercial website to me.

No Negativity

The biggest things were that it could not be something negative, only be two words and still have Runnah in it.

After thinking about several different names, I kept coming back to one that fit. Back in 2008 one of  my blogs was named Aging Reluctantly and I thought about using the variation Reluctantly Aging Runnah – but that seemed too negative.

Then I got to thinking how about just using Aging Runnah.

Aging has multiple meanings, is not a negative thing to me and can be viewed from many perspectives/definitions, beyond just being an old fart.

The more I looked at it, the more I liked it, but I wanted to be sure and have let it bounce around in my noggin for a while, just to see how I would feel about it down the road.

In case you didn’t notice, I still like it!

I did searches in both Google and Bing for sites to see if the new name was taken or not. I couldn’t find any other site with the name that I wanted, so if you know of a site or blog with this name, please let me know and I will just go back to using Runnah.


When I read back through my blog, the two things that I write most about are Running and how getting old/aging thing is affecting me (yeah I know lately injuries seem to be right up there too – unfortunately).

While some might see the word “aging” in the title and go “NO WAY”, I am not going to read some old fart’s meandering blog posts about aging.

I don’t care.

The fact is that I do not hide or try to disguise in any way, shape or form, that I am closer to 60 than I am 50 or that I am an old fart, who is still trying to be a better runner.

If my posts are not interesting enough for someone of any age to want to read, then no matter what their age is, they are not going to read it.

Having a title/name that accurately describes what my blog is about is what I want and Aging Runnah, does that.

The tagline

We All Age, It Is Just That Some of Us Do It Better than Others 

This something that my Great Grandmother Bertha used to say, when some old or not so old friend or relative of hers did something that wasn’t all that smart or when she was talking about how she got to be so old – she lived into her 90’s.

However, I will focus on the positive meaning, because like her, I believe that I am aging better than some others.

No I am not being conceited, arrogant and definitely not because I am gloating, but more that I am working hard to age better and running/healthy living is one of the ways that I do it.

The reality is that 

I think Aging Runnah accurately describes what I write about – my journey as a runnah as I get older.

To be honest I am enjoying getting to be an old fart.

So this is the name that this blog will have going forward, unless I find out that some obscure site has the name and is hidden beyond page 10 on Google and Bing – jeez I hope not, I finally found a name that I like and describes what I do around here.



  1. Glad you didn’t use ‘reluctantly’ … as you say that carries negative baggage. Aging? We’re all doing it – even these kids in their 20s who like to pretend they are invincible … but some of us are on the other side of the curve and have accepted that aging is reality but that isn’t the same as ‘getting old’.

    I was in a meeting which included a couple of VPs, and found that one of them graduated the same college as me 2 years earlier … and looked at least 10 years older! So yeah, I might be aging, but he is getting old! haha

    • Mike – Thank you for validating my same thoughts on reluctantly 🙂 I really think that you hit a home run with the difference between aging and getting old – there is a huge difference. I feel a blog post coming up on the subject 🙂 thanks for the idea.

  2. I love reading your blog no matter what you call it, but I’m making a bet that this isn’t the last name change. You’re too young to be aging for long 🙂

    • Thank you so much Robin – Aging really is not tied to being young or old, it is something (the process) we all do from the day we are born until the day we die. Even though some try to give it the same definition as getting old, they are different things and that is why I like it. You might be right, but this one is of those bets, I might just think I will win 🙂

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