Week In Review – Surprisingly Back to Running 7-27-14


At some point and time, the crazy, freaky injuries that seem to find me so often, will stop seeking me out and allow me to just run and enjoy the feeling of running pain-free for a few years. 🙂

It will happen – I know it will.

Now that my right foot is feeling pretty good (not 100%, but pretty good) hopefully I am starting down that road.

I had planned on doing some really slow return to running this week, instead I felt good enough to just keep running. Not stupid amounts or at speeds that are bordering on insane…no I listened very carefully to my body, didn’t push too far and ended the week with 33.9 miles, which didn’t include a nice 3+ mile hike at Messalonskee Stream Trail this morning.

Bennie on the Messalonskee Stream Trail
Bennie on the Messalonskee Stream Trail

My right foot is a little sore from when Bennie decided to pull and caused me to land awkwardly on my right foot on a rock.

My tailor’s bunionette didn’t like that but otherwise this has been a GREAT week.

Running Belt for dog leash
Running Belt for dog leash

Bennie and I got back to running together and I started using my old archery field quiver belt and it has worked well in allowing me to run hands-free.

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TomTom GPS Watch – Review Update

TomTom Runner GPS Watch
TomTom Runner GPS Watch

Back on February 27, 2014, I initially reviewed my TomTom GPS runner watch and since then I have used it almost daily, so it is time for an update to that review.

What kind of relationship do I have with TomTom – none. I purchased this watch from Clever Timing using a discount code from Pete Larson’s RunBlogger site – yeah with my money, so I can say what ever the hell I want about this product as strictly a consumer.

What I wanted originallywas a dead solid watch that quickly gets the GPS signal, keeps signal, tracks my treadmill workouts, gives mile splits, charges quickly and accurately uploads my data, along with some simple workout programs that I can set up and listen for the beep or buzz to start/stop different parts of my workout.

So is that what I got?

For the most part I am very happy with my choice of the TomTom Runner GPS watch, but like all things electronic, it does have a few quirks and things that I do not like.

My Needs

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