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Almost At Race Pace – RunLog 7-30-14

IMG_1751Hey, what in the hell is up with September weather in July, while I LOVE IT for running and sleeping, if this trend continues we will be having frost in late August = not good. Oh well, we just have to wait and see what Mother Nature has in store for us.

I have a feeling that this winter might not be a fun one and you better make sure that the wood box is full and you have gotten your prepaid/lock-in for whatever you use to heat your house done.

This morning’s first run was with Bennie – we both were ready to run!!! Enough so that I wore my GoMebs and started fast and held it for as long as I could.

Strava Bennie Run 7-30-14

Strava Bennie Run 7-30-14

Yes, a couple of those lower bumps got into where I want to be for my 5K race pace!

I haven’t hit that speed outside for some time – it felt good. Although a couple of times Bennie got distracted and had to be reminded that we were running fast today – no time for a quick sniff or bush break.  🙂 After the turn-around at 1.6 miles, he really wasn’t into this fast running stuff and wanted do some ditch running at a slower pace – at least until we got to the top of the last little bump, he decided that it was time to get this over and then started to slow down a little as we got closer to 2.0 miles.

He was starting to run behind me, which is a first, so instead of pushing through to our usual stopping spot, I stopped at the 2.0 mile point.

He didn’t complain and looked up at me with that silly-ass doggy-grin, “we did it, but damn for old fart you did okay – its gotta be the shoes!”

Strava Pace Distribution Chart 7-30-14

Strava Pace Distribution Chart 7-30-14

Almost 6:00 minutes in Z5 & z6 is great for where I am for now and totally happy with this faster run. It wasn’t quite a time trial, but was a good test of my conditioning.

I didn’t think about my right foot and while my hamstring was not real thrilled about this fast stuff (especially up any bumps), it didn’t tell me it was time to cut this crap out = PROGRESS

Run #2

While not nearly as fast as this morning’s run and I didn’t do the progression run that I wanted to do. However, I was still able to do the majority of the run in the tempo zone, although I did fade the last two miles.

Strava Stats 7-30-14

Strava Stats 7-30-14

Looking at the Zone distribution, I was right around 30 minutes in Z3 (tempo pace) or faster, so it was still a good run. This morning’s faster run had taken a lot more out of my legs than I thought it would and I was definitely crispy by the time I got to mile 4 and by mile 5 I was glad to be done.

While the foot didn’t bother at all, the hamstring was telling me what an idiot I was being and it was time for a little slower running during those last two miles.

A faster and tougher day, than I have had in a while, which let me know about where I am and how much work I still have to do to get where I want to be.

But it is definitely encouraging and shows a lot of progress.

This photo is just because it is a fun one

Joey wearing the basket

Joey wearing the basket



  1. Awesome pace! Amazing that just a couple of weeks ago you were working on having non-running things to write about … now you’re killing it again!

    As for the weather, yeah it is a bit bizarre, could use it a bit warmer in the days but I’m loving the cool mornings!

    Now that picture – did the cat empty the basket to end up that way?

    • Thanks Mike – yeah, I was very lucky with that hay wagon, it isn’t 100% but pretty good, I just have to pay attention to it and not go for a 20 miler quite yet 🙂 Yes. the basket is full of their toys and he emptied it and somehow it ended up like that, we were laughing at him and he looked mortified- he is over 12 and thinks he is still a kitten 😉

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