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I Like The Trades and the Red Sox New Look

This post has absolutely nothing to do with running, but is about a different passion of mine. – Baseball, specifically Boston Red Sox Baseball.

I have been a Red Sox fan since — oh about 1966 – you know George Scott, Mike Andrews, Rico, Joe Foy, Yaz, Tony C, Reggie, Longborg and all the rest. I used to listen to the games with my Grandfather on the radio and then watch them on the old Black & White TV when they were on.

So I endured the curse of the Bambino as a long-suffering fan and then enjoyed the 3 World Series wins since, especially the unexpected one last year.

However, I found my interest in Red Sox baseball waning quickly with the play of the team this year.

It was as though some of the players were going through the motions, the camaraderie and excitement about playing together, that was so clear last year, was gone.

Actually, I had gotten so disgusted with some of what I was seeing on television – not just the loosing, but the lack of excitement about the “Game” from too many players. The passion was gone.

I don’t know what goes on in the locker room and have never met any of these players in person, all I can go by is what I see and hear from the talking heads i.e. baseball experts, from what I see during games and interview, along with my perspective as a LONG-TIME Red Sox fan.

It got bad enough that I stopped watching games or even following the team as closely as I normally do. Then when it became evident that they were not going to re-sign Lester…well I resigned myself to loosing him at the trading deadline for prospects and going through the re-build process again in 2015.

I wanted a shake-up of the team, because this one as constructed was not going anywhere again with the players that were there. They were in last place and lacked any reason to be excited about them at all.

The Red Sox had turned into a boring team and had become irrelevant and it seemed as though there were a LOT of negativity leaking from the clubhouse as the losing kept up.

As I do every year, I stuck around the house and had the TV on sports channels to follow the latest deals on the trade deadline – yeah I am a geek. I didn’t really expect much but…

I figured they would get rid of Lester and a couple of other players, but couldn’t believe the shake-up that happened:

  • When the Lester trade went down yesterday, I got excited. I liked Cespedes when Oakland signed him and he is another player who can find the wall. Besides it seemed as though Gomes’ was beggining to wear thin on some people on the Red Sox, I know that I was hearing rumblings of this.
  • Then when they got rid of Lackey for Craig and Kelly, I loved that trade, I have never been a Lacky fan and while he has been productive pitcher since his return from Tommy John surgery, there is just something about his mannerisms when he is interviewed that turned me off, from the day he got here.
  • Getting rid of Drew to let Bogaerts play shortstop and let us see if Middlebrooks can play Third was necessary.
  • Loosing Miller hurts, but getting a prospect for him was a plus.
  • Unfortunately, as much as I liked the player that Jake Peavy used to be, he is not that player now.
  • Doubront wasn’t going to be part of the plan and seemed as though he was moving towards being a distraction.
  • Carp was not playing much and had asked to be moved, so DFA him was a good move.

I know that these deals will not get us into the playoff this year, they dug too deep of a pit to get out of.

However, I am excited about Cherington’s efforts to change the roster and some of the attitudes that seemed to be present.

Enough that I am watching the game tonight against the Yankees and sense a different attitude from the fans, announcers and the players on the TV.

The trades and other moves will open up playing time for many of the Red Sox prospects to show whether they have a future in Boston, can be valuable trade chips in other deals and add the excitement to the ball park, that was definitely lacking.

I have listened to so many of the local stations talking heads, about how they hate these deals or Cherington didn’t get enough for Lester or how they are going to suck the rest of the way.

What are the Red Sox going to do – finish in last in the AL East – they were going to with Lester and Lackey and all the rest, so that doesn’t mean crap.

Going forward, I have a re-newed interest in the new-look Red Sox and I am now excited about the possibilities that the youngsters and other new players bring to my team.

Notice I said my team –

Remember that…this has been my team since the mid 60’s – John Henry and all the rest might believe the Red Sox are their team, like many others in Red Sox nation, the Red Sox are my team and I give a damn about how my team is run and the attitude of the player’s we have on my team. There is change in the air, now let’s see what happens.

When a long-time fan like me get excited about a losing Red Sox team that will probably finish in last place, it means that something good has happened.

In my opinion, this shake-up is just what was needed to re-energize the Red Sox faithful, instead of letting us linger a long slow and painful season of no hope and no excitement.

I know that not everyone will agree with me, but hey this is how I see things.

As I finished writing this post, the Red Sox just won the game 4-3.

A good start.  Let’s see where it goes from here.



  1. Right with you – I spent many summer days in the 70s at Fenway watching Yaz and Fisk and Spaceman and Tiant and Lynn & Rice and Dewey … yeah, my team for decades 🙂 One great memory – Lisa’s dad was a die-hard Yankee fan – was the 2004 ALCS series, up past midnight every night, taunting back and forth … fun stuff. Last year was a surprise, as was the plummet this year, but definitely time to rebuild!

  2. As a Blue Jays fan I try to keep tabs on our division rivals and it does look like the Red Sox will be back in the thick of next year I’m sure they will continue to upgrade the roster in the off season as well. With all the hype in Toronto last year it was very hard to watch the Jays crap out. This years season was entered with a lot of skepticism but they have been making a good push to make the playoffs for the first time in 21 years. I’m not sure how likely that will be though as we just dropped three in a row against Houston! I continue to watch with low expectations but hope for a playoff berth. Ya the Red Sox got a great player in Cespedes. And who know Lester may re-sign with the sox for next year…

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