Speedwork Kind of Day – RunLog 8-5-14

Gorgeous summer day again today!

However, by the time I got out there it was in the 80’s which is great for the beach, but a little warmish for doing speedwork.

But it didn’t stop me!

When I put on my Meb’s, Bennie’s eye’s lit up, then when my GPS connected and beeped/buzzed – we were still in the house and he started bouncing all over the place. Hence one of his nicknames Bouncing Bennie 🙂

Run #1

Yeah Bennie didn’t want to worry about warming up and all that other foolishness that I have go through before we start our run, he was ready to fly. At first I kind of held back a little, but once we got around the corner, I just said what to hell, smiled and ran. Then it was the usual speed play with Bennie.

Strava Bennie Run 8-5-14
Strava Bennie Run 8-5-14

As you can see we did run a bit quicker than usual for the first mile and it felt good.  Some things were still tight, but didn’t interfere too much with the paces we were hitting.

It is was harder to keep up the pace, I just am not used to going this fast – for now.

Well until after the start of the second mile, by then Bennie had lost interest in running faster and just wanted to check things out and needed to be pulled along a little faster (my strength training this morning), even so we did plug right along during both miles and I would be extremely happy and satisfied if I could maintain this pace for a 5K this month.

Run #2

After walking a mile back and then sitting for a few minutes to give the old body a little break, I headed out to Cony High School to do my first outdoor track workout since August 15th of last year. No, I can’t believe it has been that long, but looking back through my blog, I didn’t see any track workouts after that date – until this morning.

Usually, I do my track work at Colby, but I didn’t feel like trying to see if Colby’s track was available (summer camp season) and then having to go over to Lawrence if it wasn’t, so I went to Cony and was happy I did.

Cony High School Track 8-5-14
Cony High School Track 8-5-14

I didn’t have to battle a bunch of other runners or walkers and the gates that block the inside 3 lanes.

It was mid 80’s and a I worked up a good sweat. Although there was another runner there doing quarter repeats, he is a LOT better runner than I am (he wins a few of the local races) and was doing his a LOT faster than I was, so we waved to one another and did our own thing.

What did I do?

  • 1.0 mile – warm-up
  • 4 x 400m fast, with 4 x 400m recovery
  • 4 x 200m fast, with 4 x 200m  recovery
  • 1.0 mile – cool-down

I am not sure of my pace, I didn’t try to get my 400 splits. During the intervals my left hamstring felt tighter on the track than it was when I was running with Bennie.

So I decided to not push super hard and worked primarily on my faster running form. It took 3 faster quarters to get my form to feel comfortable while running at those paces. If you do not run fast for a while, it is a different style of running and for me at least and it takes a bit to get used to it again.

Strava Stats Cony 8-5-14
Strava Stats Cony 8-5-14

Looking at the graph, I was able to bring do the majority of my intervals at a sub 7:00 minute pace and get under 6:40 for at least a short distance on all the interval laps, which is better than what I expected for this workout. Although the graph does show that I slowed down on the recovery laps as I got deeper into the workout.

However, I was focusing on effort, form and not worried about hitting my race pace or faster targets too much during this workout, that will come later – when I get myself in better shape and build-up my mechanics for running faster.

I do know that even with the combination of the heat, having run a race pace mile with Bennie and the hamstring saying not too fast and on the last 200m my foot told me I was not going do anymore speedwork, I was very, very happy with my first track workout in almost a year.

Sure it would have been nice to have gotten 8 x 200m fast quality intervals that I originally planned, but I also have learned the hard way to listen when my body is telling me to back off and come back another day. I have a feeling it will be this way for a few more months and I just have to listen and even if it happens during a race, slow down to a pace it says this is fast enough for now.

I have to be smart to stay injury-free and run consistently, instead of the boom, then bust running cycle I have gotten myself into for the past couple of years.

Someday, I will run without my hamstrings barking and my foot saying nasty things about how stooopid I am and my body will just let m run pain-free.

I am still dreaming about being able to stretch my stride out like I know I can or at least give me the chance to re-learn how to do it again. 🙂

It will happen.

That I know.

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