Finally Another Long Run :-) – RunLog 8-8-14

PI EM/N2 Roads on my Bennie Run this morning
PI EM/N2 Roads on my Bennie Run this morning

Yep, I got back into double-digits again and no – to be honest it wasn’t easy.

I was playing mind games the first 5.0 miles or so, just to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

There were all of those doubts about whether the old bod was ready for this little jaunt or not and even if I had enough time to get to TheWife’s work before 4:00, when she would be leaving.

You know, wondering if my foot was going to start bothering me after 6-7 miles, how would the hamstring hold together, when would my achilles begin to whine about all the abuse, how would the PI N2 Roads do after not running in them since April and finally how fast could I run it (not that it really mattered, but I still wanted to do a decent pace).

However, one thing I overlooked when I started out was that it was 81F and by the time I got down to the Skowhegan Savings Bank at 3:01 P.M. it was 86F freaking degrees. The frigging temp kept going up, instead of that usual decline after 2:00 and NONE of those showers they were predicting even got close. Based on the forecast, the lower humidity and the usual way the temps work around here in the afternoon, I figured that I didn’t need to bring water with me.

Yep – idiot brain took over on the start of this run.

Strava Stats 8-8-14
Strava Stats 8-8-14

By the time I was at the lights on Civic Center Drive, (after that 9:59 pace at mile 7.0) all those other worries/doubts and crap, took a back seat to getting some hydration in me. I plodded along until I got to the Irving’s, stopped everything and got some nice cold water (luckily I brought some cash). Although I did get some strange looks from some people going by, when I dumped the water on my head, back and chest.

Damn was that cold!

It also felt GREAT and definitely brought me back to a little more normal.

At least I felt better when I started running again.

This run was not one of those scenic Maine back road runs!

This was just after 3:00 P.M. on a Friday afternoon, on the main road to the local shopping center with a Wal Mart and I-95 off ramps, so there was traffic, idiot drivers, me – an idiotic runner trying to avoid being smushed – you know the routine.

Even though I could have gone down through Leighton Road and back through Bond Brook Road, by the time I got started again, all I wanted to do was get this run over with and a straight line to TheWife’s work was all I wanted to do.

I wanted to finish this run in one piece and get it over with as quickly as possible.

I did.

No it was not a scenic run, no it was not a fun run by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a run I needed to do.

I showed myself that my foot has healed good enough to run double-digits, that my hamstring and achilles didn’t bother me too much as long as I stayed at a slower pace and that I needed to be more aware of my hydration (bring something to drink – you dumshit), when it is 80F freaking degrees out there.

Why was I wearing my Pearl Izumi N2 Roads, after all I am such a Skechers fanboy? Well me thinks that my GRR2’s are starting to fade a little on the cushioning on the longer runs, because my right knee has been a little barky when I run over 5-6 miles in them lately and I really do not have any other shoes than either my Brooks Launch or N2’s to do my long run in.

Actually, I liked the PI’s a LOT this spring when I was running regularly in them (except for a couple of issues that didn’t bother today) and they were my 2nd favorite style of running shoe.

Bennie Run

So this morning when I ran with Bennie, I tried out the N2 Roads again and they did just fine.

We ran a good pace for a couple miles plus and I decided to use them this afternoon, instead of my  GRR3’s. My legs felt better than I expected and I didn’t have any problems related to my feet/shoes. Which is always a good thing.

While they had that buttery smooth transition and felt more cushioned than I remembered, they just do not feel like a “fast for me” shoe. Not sure why, but that is how I feel about the N2 Roads, it might just be me????

However, I will keep using them to eat up the longer mileage runs, at slower paces, which they seem to work brilliantly for.

Bennie’s run was less not going balls to the wall (like we did on Tuesday) and more about maintaining a faster, but controlled pace that we could maintain for a while longer. I was looking for more of a Tempo or faster pace and did quite well.

Strava - Bennie Run 8-8-14
Strava – Bennie Run 8-8-14

We had 5 surges that got under 7:30 pace and even though I had to pirourette 4-5 times to avoid the dreaded leash wrap around my legs and do the dreaded doggy planned face-plant, we didn’t slow down too often :-).

I have a feeling that this earlier run, took a little pop out of my legs for the afternoon long run, but at the same time it is good to practice pushing myself to run on tired legs, as long as everything feels good.

Two decent runs for very different reasons, but I am tired and happy tonight.

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