Week In Review – A Good Week 8-10-14

The week was a good one, tired yes.

I should be, I am trying to get used to being back at 40 miles a week again and part of this is running with Bennie, so many days I am running twice a day. Which can be tough, but as I get back to running regularly again, it will be a good thing.

Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday this week and I am enjoying the additions to my running gear and books. I got a couple of books on Saturday morning and the one that I wanted to read the most was one of them.

Meb’s Run to Overcome.


I started reading at lunch and by 10:00 P.M., I had finished it. It gave me a little more insight to the man, that I had a grip and grin with last Sunday. He shows that it is okay to be driven to succeed, but at the same time you don’t have to be an asshat to do it.

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A Couple of Nice Runs – RunLog 8-10-14

I wanted to get 40 miles in this week, but after I only ran 2.5 miles yesterday, I needed almost 9.0 miles, not impossible, but still a bit daunting after how I felt on Friday’s long run.

It meant that I was going to split it up into two runs, one with Bennie and then one by myself.

Bennie Run

Just as I was getting ready to go out the door, I noticed that my TomTom GPS watch was missing the one-touch bezel. TheWife and I searched the house and it was just gone???? The watch can’t switch modes without it, you can’t start or stop the GPS functions. Now this sucked, I like my TomTom GPS watch, but without that bezel, it ain’t worth nothing.

Not a good way to start our run. I just threw on my old Timex Ironman and just ran.


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