A Couple of Nice Runs – RunLog 8-10-14

I wanted to get 40 miles in this week, but after I only ran 2.5 miles yesterday, I needed almost 9.0 miles, not impossible, but still a bit daunting after how I felt on Friday’s long run.

It meant that I was going to split it up into two runs, one with Bennie and then one by myself.

Bennie Run

Just as I was getting ready to go out the door, I noticed that my TomTom GPS watch was missing the one-touch bezel. TheWife and I searched the house and it was just gone???? The watch can’t switch modes without it, you can’t start or stop the GPS functions. Now this sucked, I like my TomTom GPS watch, but without that bezel, it ain’t worth nothing.

Not a good way to start our run. I just threw on my old Timex Ironman and just ran.


We weren’t out to break any speed records, but we did move right along for most of the run, once get got over the bump by the bog, Bennie kind of lost interest and wanted to play more than he wanted to run, so we ran along playing tug of war and didn’t worry too much about pace.  Still it wasn’t a bad run

  • Distance: 2.17 (used the last GPS mileage for this course)
  • Time: 17:40
  • Pace: 8:08
  • Shoes: PI N2 1/18/14

We walked the mile back to the house and saw Mary out running and found out she was on her last lap, so we tagged along, Bennie did great running with the two of us. He had his doggy grin going pretty good.

  • Distance: 0.8
  • Time: 7:30
  • Pace: 9:22
  • Shoes: PI N2 1/18/14

Run #2

Yep it was still pretty warm at 84F, but I also still planned on doing 7.0 miles. I wasn’t out to set any speed records and was trying for a 9:00 minute or so pace.

Going out was pretty close to what I wanted, I still do not know why that mile 3 split is always slow on this course, it is not all that much uphill or anything, but I just seem to always slow down once I hit the two-mile point on this course???

Strava Stats 8-10-14
Strava Stats 8-10-14

Oh well, I still maintained my 9:00 minute pace  until the last couple of miles. The last mile was painfully slow due to the hill and the heat, but I made it up the hill and kept plugging along to the finish. I had thought about doing a few strides after I finished, but I was done and just went into the house to eat lunch.

So I finished the day with over 10 miles for the day and made my goal of 40 miles for the week.

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