Week In Review – A Good Week 8-10-14

The week was a good one, tired yes.

I should be, I am trying to get used to being back at 40 miles a week again and part of this is running with Bennie, so many days I am running twice a day. Which can be tough, but as I get back to running regularly again, it will be a good thing.

Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday this week and I am enjoying the additions to my running gear and books. I got a couple of books on Saturday morning and the one that I wanted to read the most was one of them.

Meb’s Run to Overcome.


I started reading at lunch and by 10:00 P.M., I had finished it. It gave me a little more insight to the man, that I had a grip and grin with last Sunday. He shows that it is okay to be driven to succeed, but at the same time you don’t have to be an asshat to do it.

I highly recommend it to others.  

TomTom GPS Watch

I am disappointed, well to be honest a little pissed about how my TomTom GPS watch didn’t hold up too well. This morning when I got ready to go for my Bennie Run, I tried the switch modes and the little square bezel around the one-touch controller was gone. Sometime between when I finished my run yesterday morning and when I tried to use it this morning – it fell out???? We searched the house, looked in the truck and there is no sign of it any where.

TomTom GPS watch missing bezel
TomTom GPS watch missing bezel

It will be interesting to see how TomTom’s customer service does tomorrow when I call them.

Until they either replace, repair or whatever they decide to do, I have to either use my Strava App on my phone or my old Garmin FR10, which still works well, but takes so long to get GPS signal, so even though I have options.

I really just want my TomTom GPS watch back and working,

However, whether I stick with them or move on to something else in the future, will depend a great deal on their customer service tomorrow.

Race Anxiety

I am running into some issues with getting my ass to races and have used my most recent injuries, more as excuses not to go, than they are. If I can do speed work at the track, a 10 mile long run and then 2 days later run a total of 10 miles again, physically I should be able to at least run a 5K race. It is the mental part of running that is giving me the problems now and I am working on that. Enough so that I registered for The Run For the Fallen 5K in Brunswick on 8/24, no more excuses.

It is time for me to get back out there and just do it.


I did good, another over 40 mile week – 2 in a row, which is something that I really wanted to do.

Weekly Summary 8-10-14
Weekly Summary 8-10-14

The one thing that I want/need to do  is become more consistent with my running.

I can’t do 50 miles one week and 20 the next, so for a while I want to do one track session, an up tempo run and a long run, in addition to my easy and recovery runs, while keeping the mileage steady at 40-50 miles a week.

Many will say that is a lot of mileage to just train primarily for 5K’s, but it is the mileage that I like and has worked best for me over the years. Also it gives me a little flexibility to move up in distance for a low-key race up to the half distance where I am focusing on finishing, not racing the distance.

Bennie and I are still running almost every day together. Boy am I learning a lot about running with a dog and am not worried about doing strides after my other runs – I get enough variation in my pace with him, to not worry about it too much.


I do have a birthday present coming Monday or Tuesday, so a new pair of shoes will be in the line-up next week 🙂 .

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Roads – Due to a little right knee discomfort when I run in my GRR2’s, I decided to go ahead and use the next best road shoe I have left in the house – my N2 Roads that I got in a trade in January and used primarily as treadmill shoes this winter. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I ran in them. Yep, they are still smooth feeling, but a lot firmer than my Skechers. I ran 10 miles in them Friday and then 7 today without any problems with my feet.

PI EM/N2 Roads on my Bennie Run this morning
PI EM/N2 Roads on my Bennie Run this morning

However on the morning run with Bennie, the other issue (besides the extra-firmness which I am not crazy about) raised it head. For some reason, I tend to find pebbles and grit inside ofmy N2’s during a run and it distracts me. Not sure what this is about or how it keeps happening, but it was the primary reason that I went back to the Skechers line earlier this year, which I do not have this problem with. I haven’t had this issue with the Peak II either, so there is something about the Pearl Izumi EM line of shoes and how my feet work together, that lets in pebbles/grit???

Skechers GoRun Ride 2 – My 50 mile review is here and I am quickly closing in on 200 miles. While I love how these shoes feel when I run in them, however as I am getting closer to 200 miles, I notice that I am getting that familiar right knee discomfort that I use to tell me that it is time to start looking for another pair of running shoes. These shoes are 2-3 years old, even though I just got them in May and I wonder how much the age of the shoe effects how long I can run comfortably in them? I have heard that it doesn’t affect them, but it has been my experience that I do not get as many miles out of hold-over shoes, even when I buy them new in the box. Unfortunately, the GRR2’s are getting scarce, so I am not going to try to add another pair of GRR2’s into the rotation and will wait for the next generation of Skechers Go-Line to come out before I get another pair of Skechers trainers.

Skechers GoMeb 2 – I went over 50 miles for them and will be putting up my review of them shortly. I continue to be impressed with how well they working for me. Although they seemed to leave my right foot a little sore towards the end of track workout. I wonder if it has something to do with them being a narrower shoe and all the right hand turns around the track, that make my foot a little sore? Since they don’t bother me when running faster on the road or even down back.

Pearl Izumi Peak II – I still prefer to wear these on my Bennie run’s downback, since they have a rock plate and when running on the dirt road/rocks with a spastic Jack Russell, I want/need the extra protection, when I am focusing on where he is going, versus where I am putting my feet. It took a little to get used to them, because they have a completely different feel from my Skechers or even the EM Line of shoes from PI, but they seem to be working well for me.

Do you see a pattern emerging in my shoe usage lately?

TomTom GPS Watch: Hey, I finally got that review done and if you are interested, you can read about it here.  Now to see how their customer service is and how they treat me will go a long way in determining if I ever get another one.


The left hamstring issues, the left Achilles/Posterior Tibialis are about as good as I am going to get them with my limited rehab skill and bark at me from time-to-time, especially when I attempt to actually toe-off during a run. The right foot is doing better and as long as don’t do too much track work, it is doing well. .



The reality is that

I was upset about what happened with the TomTom GPS watch, (especially with the issue I have with the charging cord), so a lot depends on how their customer service treats me, whether I will be a return customer.

I am excited about my birthday present that will be getting here this week and I getting 3 running books for my birthday was cool, especially if one of them can help me move on from this race anxiety stuff that seems to be a recurrent theme for me.

Overall, if I can keep up this training, I will be very happy – now to get ready to race, not run that 5K on the 24th 🙂 .

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