A Tale of Two Runs – RunLog 8-11-14

The tale of two runs, one was fun and the other a struggle.

Customer Service

I had to deal with TomTom’s customer service this morning, while the person was attempting to be helpful, but when they are reading canned replies to my issues, it just made the call frustrating, especially when it was over and I didn’t get what I wanted. So when they sent their more information email, I responded with more information and due to the nature of the difficulties I am having with my TomTom Runner GPS watch, I requested a replacement, versus their planned sending parts and pieces out to me.

No acknowledgement of my request or even acknowledgement of my response to their email or my request to see if they got my email. Oh well, we will see what happens, but not really all that impressed this morning and I have dwelt on it most of the day – oh well.

Just one of those runner’s problems 🙂 .

I am glad that I didn’t get rid of my Garmin Forerunner 10, I hate having to use a phone app, but if I had to I would make it work. Fortunately, I just had to charge the FR10, update the software and it works like a champ. Getting GPS signal is a lot faster than when I stopped using it in February, which was my biggest issue with it. So far it has been rock solid, but it doesn’t have some of the capabilities that I like about my TomTom watch, so I want to get it back and working as soon as possible.

Run #1

So by the time Bennie and I headed out the door, I was fairly frustrated and needed a good run!

Strava - Bennie Run 8-11-14
Strava – Bennie Run 8-11-14

We ended up doing a few strides, nothing super fast or long, but it got our blood going and then when we got down to Bartlett, the people down there had let their beagle run loose and it decided it was going to come after us. We picked the pace up for a bit, Bandit is an older dog, so he is not into running fast or long anymore. He stopped running after about 20 yards and bayed at us, “saying you better not come back around these parts.”

When Bennie heard Bandit baying, he wanted to go get him, but he also wanted to run fast with me, so it was a bit of a struggle to get him to keep going down the road after we slowed down. Finally, Bandit quit baying, he got going again after the hill.

We did pick the pace up from Blake to the Lower Gate a bit. Even with Bandit interrupting our run a little, we still maintained a nice pace, in the Peak II’s.

Run #2

I had a few errands to do in Waterville and I really didn’t feel like doing another out and back at home and didn’t want to do a bunch of hills in the heat. So after I got done the errands, I went over to the Alfond Youth Center and did the mostly flat course, of course by now it was noon and it was hot. The AYC sign said 87F, which is a bit warm to run too fast, so my plans changed from doing a tempo run, to just running easy.

Strava Stats 8-11-14
Strava Stats 8-11-14

The first couple o f miles were pretty good, then over on First Rangeway, it might not seem it in a car, but when running it is almost all uphill over to KMD. I did okay on Silver St. but I was getting hot  and didn’t feel like pushing the pace in those temps. At this point, it was all about doing the miles and getting back to the truck. That little cross-over street with the little hill at the end – kicked my butt, and then I just ran enough to get 6.0 miles and stopped.

I ran in the PI N2 Roads and again they did just fine.

I was happy with the run and glad that I changed my goals for the run when I saw the temps, there is no sense in trying to hurt myself when it is that close to 90 degrees and  65% humidity.

Overall, a couple of very different runs, but both were necessary parts of my training. Getting in a little distance run and some speed work in earlier made me feel more confident about my running.