Bennie Had His Own Plans – RunLog 8-13-14

Light rain toda
Light rain toda

Today was my favorite kind of weather to run in.

Low 60’s, light rain.

So it was a perfect morning for a run!

I was sore from yesterday’s two speed work sessions, my legs were toast, no pain, just sore and tired.

So today was going to be a recovery run(s) somewhere between 2-5 miles total.

As you can see Bennie and I went out slow and never really sped up all that much, although the pace was all over the place.

He really wasn’t in to running all that much faster today either.

Strava - Bennie Run 8-13-14
Strava – Bennie Run 8-13-14

When we got back to the lower gate (about 2.2), he didn’t even break to look around, he just kept going, then when we got back to the house, he didn’t slow down, he sped up, so we kept going. When we got to the morning turn spot, he looked up at me and then put his head down and kept going. We went down to the Shepard Road and when I made us turn around he tried to pull me down the road, but when I kept coming back up the road, he came along grudgingly.

Once he figured out that we were not going down the Shepard, he just put his head down and started running, I figured we would stop at the bottom of the hill and started to slow down to get ready to stop, but instead he put it into 4-paw drive and started to go faster up the hill. So I just went with  the program he had planned.

When we got to the top of the hill he pulled over to where he typically stops and sniffs every morning and promptly stopped, sat down and looked up at me with his tongue hanging out and his doggy grin – as if to say “That’s enough, but we did good – didn’t we”.

I laughed kneeled down and gave him a big hug and we walked the rest of the way home, both of us soaked, but smiling.

He did 4.4 miles – the longest run we have done together.

Conditions were perfect for it.

My legs started to loosen up after a couple of miles and I felt fine the rest of the way. It was the first time I had run up Philbrick Hill this year and it didn’t bother the hamstring at all. We didn’t go real fast, but it is progress, because hills were bothering it a lot, right up until recently.

When we got home, he got his treat, promptly laid down on his doggie pillow and fell asleep.


A nice recovery run, at the pace I wanted. The best part, I didn’t have to go out and run again, 4.4 miles was more than enough.

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