Tuesday Equals SpeedWork – RunLog 8-12-14

Yesterday was speedwork Tuesday, which means that I do a quick/hard 2+ with Bennie and then head to a local track and do some interval work.

Bennie Run

We started out quick and went faster. The Bean was ready and raring to go. When he sees me pulling on those Blue and Yellow shoes, he gets all excited. He is learning when I wear those on a run, we are going to run fast.


Strava - Bennie Run 8-12-14
Strava – Bennie Run 8-12-14

After coming down Blake Hill, we began to slow down a little, he was getting distracted by what some other animals had left. That was until the car was going in the same direction and we went into chase mode!!! He got into 4 paw drive and we did a wind sprint. After that part was over he had his tongue dragging, but had a big doggie grin and I was laughing too,  after I remembered how to breathe again – been a long time since I ran that fast 🙂 .

First time in a long time that I have run 2.0 miles in under 14:00 minutes, felt good.

Run #2 – The Track

I usually like to go to Colby, but with all the construction going on over there, I wanted to stay a long ways away from that area (I got stuck there for 20 minutes the other day). So I went down to Cony High School and did my track workout. I am liking running there, so far not having to share the track too much and I can use whatever lane I want, both things that don’t always work that way at Colby. However, school will be back in session pretty soon and I don’t want to interfere with any classes or things going on there during the day. So I will be going back to Colby when that happens.

Strava - Track Stats 8-12-14
Strava – Track Stats 8-12-14

The big thing that I was really happy about was the consistency that I had. No, I didn’t go 100%, it was closer to 90%, the legs are not ready for that, but they are ready to run faster than I have for a while. I just have to be smart and not overstep what my body is ready for.

For a second speed workout, I was very pleased with how it went, I even added one 200m interval on to last week’s total.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Equals SpeedWork – RunLog 8-12-14

    1. Thank you, speed is relative and very individual.

      I am not as fast as I was — once upon time, you know back in the glory days. Not that I was ever all that fast.

      As I have gotten older I have gotten a different view of what fast is and how I look at it. Now it is more about my effort, than a particular time/pace as long as I am giving the effort I expect of myself, the times do not matter as much. 🙂

      I have a feeling your are a lot closer to my pace than you let on :-).

      1. I may be able to run decently (you’re right, speed is definitely relative and individual), but those daily Bennie runs at those paces would take some getting used to!

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