Running With A Dog – What I Have Learned

Bennie doing his best to get me to run again
Bennie doing his best to get me to run again

or should that be What Have I Learned – either way,

I have learned A LOT.

Let’s back up a bit, I started running with Bennie back in May.

He is our hyperactive, spastic, long-legged Jack Russell Terrier, who has a mind of his own and is easily distracted.

We got Bennie over four years ago from the local Humane Society and he came to us with many, many things he needed to unlearn. The biggest one is that if you let him off the leash or he escapes, he becomes the poster child for the poster – “live life, like they left the gate open” and will run off.

He also sucks when it comes to being on a leash. The few times before May, that I had tried to run with him it was crazy and just a little dangerous.

Who would have thought that our lovable little Bennie, would become a demon when you tried to run with him.

Needless to say running and training him to run with me has been an adventure, but we recently ran over 4.0 miles and had fun, so he is learning what is expected of him.

There have been two major benefits from starting to run with him: Continue reading “Running With A Dog – What I Have Learned”