Long Run – Cut Short – RunLog 8-15-14


Today’s long run was cut short, when TheWife pulled in front of me like something out of “Cops”. She told me I had to get in and we had to get home, because something had happened to our 11 year-old cat Isabelle.

We hurried home, she didn’t look good, couldn’t move her back legs, was drooling all over the place and her eyes were just not right. We hurried her to the vet down in Gardiner (yes, we called ahead).

They were fantastic, still not sure what happened, but after a few shots and some antibiotics – Isabelle seems to be doing a lot better.

Our critters are part of our family and when something is happening to one of them, we worry and try to get them taken care of. So we were relieved when we got home and she is doing a lot better.

Getting back to the run

I planned on running at around 9:00 minute pace for today’s run. I am not racing long distances this year and am focusing on just using my long runs to help improve my running efficiency. 

The temps were just about perfect 64F degrees, no noticeable wind and light rain between miles 3-6. Although traffic on the Middle Road was a pain in the ass – most everyone moved over when they could, but I had one pickup truck, who just had to “puddle me”, which resulted in the one-finger salute in return, along with a few choice comments about his ancestry, Oh well, sometimes shit just happens.

The main thing I wanted to work on was my form, running comfortably and trying slightly different variations of my stride to see which one felt the best.

I did pretty good staying around 9:00 minute pace for the first 8.0 miles…

Strava Stats 8-15-14
Strava Stats 8-15-14

After I got on Bond Brook Road, my hamstring and Achilles were starting to bother a little more so I slowed down. This really isn’t anything new, that is about where they started to bother me back in the spring, so I wasn’t too surprised or worried about how they were feeling.

Nothing else hurt, but instead of forcing the pace, just running was all I was after by that time.

When Mary pulled in front of me, I was disappointed that I didn’t get to double-digits, but at the same time I wasn’t going to run any further under those circumstances.

However, I could tell that I didn’t have a good cool-down. My legs ACHED – bad when we got home, I imagine that I will be pretty sore tomorrow.

The PI N2 Roads did well the entire run, my feet didn’t bother at all. However, they just feel sort of “dead” to me, something I have said before. The N2’s are great for me as far as putting in lots of miles, but just don’t feel responsive when I am running faster. Not sure why, but that is how I feel in them.

Run with Bennie Earlier

Yeah, I ran with Bennie earlier in the day (just because I am running long, doesn’t mean that Bennie doesn’t get to do his run) and tried hard to just keep it easy, which is tough with him, because he likes a sub 8:00 minute pace, well actually that first mile he wants to be at a sub 7:00 minute pace. Which makes it tough on a recovery day or if I am trying to tone it down for a long run later in the day.

Strava Bennie Run 8-15-14
Strava Bennie Run 8-15-14

We went a little faster than I expected, but not too bad and I got to work on a couple of things that I want to keep working on. Going into and out of a turn-around hard, instead of just lazing into the turn-around like I have been. Yeah we had one car chase errr stride and then I did a fast finish up Stevens Hill, which I usually have a mental block about running at speed up. Gonna work on that.

Overall, it was a pretty damn good day and even better now that Isabelle is feeling better.

One thought on “Long Run – Cut Short – RunLog 8-15-14

  1. Our pets ARE part of our families (at least for pet lovers) so it is really scary when stuff like this happens – glad she is doing better!

    We have a ‘cancer kitty’ and there is no saving him, so we decided to let him enjoy his remaining time outdoors, hunting, just doing what he wants … and he continues to oscillate between scrawny and scraggly and looking pretty good. But it will never be easy, even when we KNOW it is time …

    Good job anyway with the runs – it would be nice if your legs didn’t act up, but at least you knew it was coming and could deal with it!

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