Run Simple – Book Review

IMG_20140819_202907_168As someone who has been through a couple of running booms and has seen running go from basically: running shoes, shorts and t-shirt (maybe a painter’s cap or some kind of stopwatch), with a notebook to log your runs — to where it is now.

You know what I mean the:

  • GPS Watches
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Smart phones/apps
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Music/ear phones
  • Compression Gear
  • Hydration Gear
  • Belt pouches
  • Back packs for running
  • Tech Fabrics – socks, shirts, shorts, jackets, etc.
  • Online Training Logs
  • eZines, blogs, forums
  • The Internet and instant answers to all your running questions – information overload
  • Online Coaching
  • Online Shopping
  • Proliferation of high quality treadmills

Then there are so many running shoe choices, figuring out which ones are going to work for you is a whole different post?

I am not a Luddite when it comes to technology or adding/trying new stuff to help me become a better runner, if anything the opposite was the problem for a long while.

Unfortunately, I still get to feeling overwhelmed by all the “stuff” that seems to go along with or becoming a part of running in today’s world. So over the past couple of years I have looked to simplify my running where I can.

What do I really need to be happy as a runner?

Obviously not as much as I used to think, but a bit more than just a loin cloth.

I got some Amazon gift cards for my birthday and was looking for some new running books to read.

When I read the reviews for – Run Simple by Duncan Larkin, it intrigued me – a lot.

It seemed like something right up my alley. Continue reading “Run Simple – Book Review”