A Lot Going On Yesterday and Today – RunLog 8-20-14

I didn’t bother to post yesterday, all that I did was recovery miles.

Which to me are more like pulling teeth without Novocaine, they hurt and it ain’t necessary.

Running that slow is hard, but I also know that it is necessary to do a good recovery workout after a TOUGH speed work session Monday.

By the time we got into that first mile, my legs felt like someone had taken ball peen hammers to them!

So it was the long slog yesterday, which meant that it was a good recovery run.

2014 Spreadsheet 8-20-14
2014 Spreadsheet 8-20-14


This morning we both wanted to run a little faster. Bennie wanted to run a lot faster…I only wanted to do 7:45 to 8:00 minute pace, so we ended up compromising to about a 7:30 pace.

Strava - Bennie Run 8-20-14
Strava – Bennie Run 8-20-14

Right around the 2.0 mile point, somehow Bennie got behind me when one of the vehicles went by and lunged to get back ahead of me. The leash ran across the back of my left knee, which brought me up quick for a second, but Bennie was tugging hard to “get” the truck and we were just about done, so I sucked it up and finished up the hill.

With the back of my knee feeling like it was on fire.

It wasn’t anything serious, just a good rope burn, but it did cross both of the ligaments back there, which worried me a little.

So we walked home (the normal walk) and it didn’t feel bad, but I had also a long run to Augusta planned for the afternoon, which I decided to change to a shorter run in Waterville.

Something like that tends to scare you a little and I just wanted to make sure it was fine, so I decided to be conservative, instead of Harold the Barbarian and just sucking it up.

I ended up planning to do the 5.0 mile loop over at Colby, as a tempo run with 1.0 mile warm-up and 1.0 mile cool-down, because I always suck going back to Colby and with the construction going on and those two little hills that I have a mental block against, I knew that I wouldn’t be running fast any way.

Strava - Stats 8-20-14
Strava – Stats 8-20-14


I ran slower until my left leg loosened up, then picked it up, but worked at keeping comfortable. Fred’s Coffee said 83F when I went by, so it was kind of warm and by the time I got to 3.5 miles, I lost my focus and couldn’t get it back…it happens.

Back on the road to Colby, I was starting to get tired and slowed down a lot, no the hills and construction didn’t help, but it is what it is and then I finished up on the track. By then the legs were a little crispy and I didn’t do a kick to finish.

Loosing focus on a day like today is not a big deal, but it was a little disappointing and something that I need to keep working on to improve.

Strava pace distribution 8-20-14
Strava pace distribution 8-20-14

I would have preferred to see the Endurance and Tempo paces/zones swapped around – next time, but when you add in my Bennie run this morning, I had a good amount of time in the Tempo zone or higher today.

It was a good quality workout day.

I know that I made the correct choice to not do a long run to Augusta this afternoon, although the knee didn’t bother during my second run. It was a bit sore later, when I was rototilling the spring garden and attempting to level out the driveway puddle areas with a rake, mattock and hoe – yeah real manual labor.

The back of the knee feels fine now (shower-time was a little screechy), but is something to keep an eye on. Based on that I have a feeling that I won’t do a long run this week and will max it out at 5-7 miles tomorrow depending on how I feel, before I go into a mini-taper for Sunday’s 5K ;-).

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