When a Run Is Not About Running – RunLog 8-22-14

Sometimes a run, is not made by the actual run, but other things that happen before or during that run.

Today when I was running up in Newport, what happened beyond running that was important.

Here is the run, but that is not what was important.

Strava Stats Newport 8-22-14
Strava Stats Newport 8-22-14

What in the hell are you yammering on about Harold?

Today I went north to take Dad out for lunch and spend some time together, which I admit that I don’t do enough. We had a great meal, swapped stories, talked about what has gone on in our lives and just enjoyed being together.

After dropping Dad off, I drove back to Newport to do a 3-4 mile easy run around Newport. Lunch was not kind to me and I could feel lunch sitting like a big log in my stomach, you know how well Chile Cheese Omelet, home fries and a Coconut Cream pie mix together – not well.

Instead of parking in front of my old home, I parked down at the swim front – a place that I spent so much time of my youth and yep a lot has changed there.

As I was running past my old coaches’ house, Lyle and his wife were outside working. I haven’t seen him in oh at least 15 years, so I stopped and talked for a little while. It was great to catch up with him, especially since he was my P.A.L. basketball coach starting way back when I was in 4th grade through 7th grade and I played basketball in his back yard for many years.

Yeah, that was a looooonnnnnngggggggg time ago.

Then after leaving Lyle’s, all the talking with him and Elsie, just brought back a flood of memories, so much so that I didn’t really notice where I was until I went past my Grandparent’s old house (my sister lives there), which is where I spent a lot of time growing-up. More memories and then when I purposely ran by my Great-Grandmother’s house, which became our home in 1969 and now my brothers, which brought me back to a different world and got me to thinking about all the different decision points in my life and how they affected who I am today.

I sort of noticed that the old H.P. Hood factory was gone and the parking lot is really looking bad, that they tore down an old house across from the old factory, then when I got past the Post Office they have torn down the old house we lived on North St. and are building a new Aubuchon Hardware where I used to explore and play out back.

Before I knew it I was back to the Swim Front and the run was done. I didn’t really think about the run all that much and didn’t pay much attention to the time or effort.

This run wasn’t about running, it was about memories.

Bennie Run

My run with Bennie this morning turned into the tale of two runs. The first mile I purposely wanted to run faster, to check things out for the race on Sunday. I haven’t truly raced since April and I wanted to make sure that what I am planning to wear that day was ready to do.

No equipment problems and while the left leg isn’t where I want it, it is as good as it is going to be for now.

Hell we even saw another runner coming up the hill, who Bennie wanted to check out, more than he wanted to go fast down the hill. 🙂

Strava - Bennie Run 8-22-14
Strava – Bennie Run 8-22-14

Once we got to the mile point, from out of no where there was all kinds of traffic – you know 4 vehicles, so I had to stop everything, get off into the puckerbrush and wait for them to go around the blind curve, just due to safety considerations.

When I re-started my watch, I decided that a fast mile was enough of the fast stuff and held Bennie back to a much slower place, much to his chagrin. He was not impressed going slower, we did another 1.5 at a relaxed pace and kept pulling the leash, trying to get me to run faster – damn it.

Bennie pulling on the leash because he wanted to run faster
Bennie pulling on the leash because he wanted to run faster

A good couple of runs and I feel as ready as I can be for the race on Sunday.

No excuses, I plan to just go as hard as I can and hope for the best and pull back to a more reasonable pace, if the left leg bothers too much

2 thoughts on “When a Run Is Not About Running – RunLog 8-22-14

  1. Wow – I totally love this and all of the memories.

    I had written about running through my old college and the town around it, and how it was interesting experiencing it that way for the first time. I wonder what it would be like running around where I mostly grew up and started running at 23? None of my family is there so it would be different. The first house we had – and entire neighborhood – has been turned into an industrial park, so that is always weird to drive through …

    There just isn’t a singular place to run through like that for me … great-grandparents from different areas in Mass, grandparents also in different towns than my parents, and relative scattered over southeastern Mass. Interesting … the whole concept of home and family.

    Thanks for sharing!

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