Week In Review 8-24-14

Running with Bennie this week has been an adventure and 14.52 miles of running together, but we have had fun and he is making me much more consistent than I would be otherwise about my running. My run streak is up to 21 Days and I am not sure when it will end – probably when I get to feeling more tired.

Bennie pulling on the leash because he wanted to run faster
Bennie pulling on the leash because he wanted to run faster

For now, I am feeling pretty good and upbeat (well now that the race is over).

If you read my Run for the Fallen 5K recap, you will understand a little more about my struggles with race anxiety and how it affects my attempts to run in races outside of the local area. The bottom-line is that I made it to the starting line and finished the race with the best 5K time I have had this year :-).


Another over 40 mile week – 4 in a row!

Strava Weekly Stats 4 for 40
Strava Weekly Stats 4 for 40

Which is the first time since January, that I have run this consistently.

I would love to be able to stay in the 40’s, then use Thanksgiving week and the first week of December as rest weeks, before I start to build my base mileage again. Keeping my mileage in the 40’s seems to be about the right level for me to keep running and not keel over from fatigue. Plus if I am training for up to 10K races and wanting to be able to run a half for fun if I wanted, this is a nice amount of mileage, without getting all crazy about my running addiction ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Here is the week in review, Bennie kept me running all week and I even did my first race since June – more on that later.

Weekly Summary - 8-24-14
Weekly Summary – 8-24-14


Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Roads – You can read my decision on why to get them here and my first impressions here. They are coming up on 50 miles this week, so a review will be coming out later in the week. So far they are exactly what I wanted and expected.

Pearl Izumi N1 Roads
Pearl Izumi N1 Roads

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Roads – I haven’t run in these since I got the N1 Roads, which feel a little less protective than the N2’s, but more flexible. I will be working them back into the rotation after I get 50 miles on the N1’s.

Skechers GoRun Ride 2 – My 50 mile review. No runs in them this week, I will be working them back into the rotation after I get the 50 miles on the N1 Roads.

Skechers GoMeb 2 – ย Here is my 50 mile review of the GoMeb2’s. I like almost everything about the shoes – A LOT! They have done a great job of not getting in my way when I run fast in them, which is what I want from a shoe. When I ran the 5K race in them this weekend, I didn’t think about the shoes at all – exactly what I want. The only things I would change on them is the tongue, I dislike the lack of padding,ย (I know save weight) and how it “crinkles” when I flex my foot.

Skechers GoMeb2
Skechers GoMeb2

Both pretty minor things – especially since they do not have any effect on how I run in them.

Pearl Izumi Peak II – I am now over 50 miles in these shoes and will do a review sometime this week or next. They are a good trail shoe, but a bit slappy on the tar compared to other shoes, it might have something to do with the rock plate which makes a big difference on my Bennie run’s downback. I want/need the extra protection, when I am focusing on where he is going, versus where I am putting my feet.

TomTom GPS Watch: I finally got the replacement unit back from TomTom and realized the things that I missed about it, compared to my Garmin Forerunner 10. There are no noticeable differences between the unit I had and the new one, so I am concerned about a repeat of the durability issues that I encountered the first time. We shall see.


The left hamstring issues, the left Achilles/Posterior Tibialis problems, along with too much sun/lack of conditioning caused me to slow down a lot during the last 2 miles of the 5K Sunday. It seems like I ย have plateaued and resolving these issues further is going to just mean downtime and adherence to a real recovery/rehab plan. Oh well, I don’t have time for that now, so I will just keep banging my head against the wall and doing the popular definition of insanity, by keep doing something that ain’t working all that good. ๐Ÿ˜‰

At least my ย right foot seems to be doing a lot better and isn’t bothering nearly as much. Surprisingly, shhhhh the Tailor’s Bunionette hasn’t bothered much since the foot got crunched. I wonder if it got crunched enough to do it some good – I can hope can’t I????


Run for the Fallen 5K — Brunswick, you can read more about it here. The important thing about this race was that I made it to the starting line, despite coming very close to not doing so.

Run for the Fallen Finish Line
Run for the Fallen 5k Finish Line

The reality is that

I am fighting my race anxiety and made it to the starting line, which became something that I wasn’t sure was going to happen, almost until the start of the race. I did and had fun during the race a which gave me confidence for the “next time”.

It will be interesting to see how my replacement TomTom GPS watch holds up over the next 6 – 12 months. Hopefully, it does a lot better than the first unit did.

Overall a very good week and I just hope that I keep running consistently.

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