A Sort of Rest Day – RunLog 8-27-14

Today was a rest day, well at least as close to one as I do 😉 .

Bennie and I ran an easy 2.3 miles this morning and when we got back to the Lower Gate we encountered this thing

Bennie and the Snake
Bennie and the Snake

The Snake
The Snake

Yeah, it was almost as long as Bennie, who wanted to go play with it. Not poisonous, but big enough to be a pain and no I wasn’t going to move the damn thing. Hopefully, when we run tomorrow it won’t be there as a flattened carcass.

Strava Bennie Run 8-27-14
Strava Bennie Run 8-27-14

Then I was going to do 4-6 miles on the Rail Trail in the afternoon, when I finished an errand in Augusta. However, by the time I got done, it was 87+ and humid, so I just relaxed and instead of killing myself out in the heat and humidity – I stopped for a Root Beer Float. The first one I have had in years – and yes, it tasted great.

It was still too damn hot to do anything outside after I got home, so Bennie and I spent some quality time in my chair, dreaming of cooler weather or him chasing that snake down, his little paws were just cruising along a couple of times ;-).

I had thought about running after supper, but I figured that I needed the rest more than another run, so I walked Bennie and came home and had a long Epsom Salt bath.

My legs are feeling pretty damn good now.

Rest is not the 4-letter word that I make it out to be sometimes. 😉

So today, was at least for me at least – a rest day.

5 thoughts on “A Sort of Rest Day – RunLog 8-27-14

  1. I’m Indiana Jones when it comes to snakes…hate them…Buddy and I were running when we were in college. On the ground in front of us I saw a snake, yelled ‘Snake!’ and we screamed like little girls as we leaped over a…dead, squished 6 inch long snake…then proceeded to crack up about it. 25 years later, we still laugh about it!

    1. I have my share of screaming like a little girl, when it comes to snakes. That is one reason why I live in Maine – no poisonous snakes. As long as I see them ahead of time, I am usually pretty good, but if I am gardening or working on the lawn or hiking/running and one startles me, the lawn tool goes into auto response mode or I go into screech mode ;-).

      1. I think I’ve screamed more at non-poisonous than poisonous. I’ve had the honor of hearing that rattle a couple times, but not been struck at. One time after hearing the rattle, I went back to my car…to get a better lens, then reapproached…not a smart move on my part 🙂

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