Long Run on a Perfect Day – RunLog 8-29-14

The Winds of Change came in yesterday!

Oh what relief it was. However, it is also a harbinger of things to come, so it was a mixed blessing.

So I will enjoy this kind of weather while it lasts!

What a gorgeous day for a long run, 72F degrees, bright sunshine and a breeze, best of all – low humidity.

I started out slowly, and while I thought about going for a 8:30 pace, I decided to just stay around 9:00’s. I haven’t run double-digits that much lately and am not sure of how well I was going to do, plus I was doing my first long run in the Pearl Izumi N1 Roads and wanted to make sure they were going to work well, before trying to go faster in them for this distance.

Strava Stats 8-29-14
Strava Stats 8-29-14

I did really well with my pacing until between miles 8 & 9, my left Achilles area really began to bother me, which shot down any thoughts of doing more the trail head.

It made me slow down, but was fine once I stopped running and I was walking without a limp. This has been the usual distance where it seems to start bothering me, now I just have to work at strengthening it some more to get back to being able to run 13-14 miles comfortably, well as comfortably as I can ever run that distance.

I did bring my hydration belt and a bottle of water. Basically I drank some every mile after the second one and if it hadn’t been for my leg problem, I felt really good.

Which was too bad, because the N1 Roads did great on the run and were ready to keep going. The only thing I thought about my shoes, was how comfortable they were, even when my left leg started to bother, I was not having any issues with the PI’s.

It was a good run, despite the last 2-3 miles.

Bennie Run

I didn’t want to run too hard or far this morning with Bennie, but at the same time, I know he loves to get his run in too. So we just did an easy 2+ and I used my body weight to keep him slower when the cars went by. When we went up the little hill on Blake Road, he got the idea we were not going to run faster and kind of lost interest in the run part.

We finished the run, but at times he was a lot more interested in good sniffs and the hawk that was feeding on another bird on the side of the road.  You know the really good stuff.

Strava Bennie Run 8-29-14
Strava Bennie Run 8-29-14

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