Week In Review 8-31-14

A good training week with a double-digit run, speed work and some faster sessions with Bennie made this week a really good training week. I had thought about doing a race in Augusta on Saturday, but Friday’s long run results let me know in no uncertain terms that racing was not on the agenda the next day.

Bennie and the Snake
Bennie and the Snake – my favorite photo from last week

I am noticing that I am not writing as many posts on my daily training, especially when they are just recovery days, where nothing special happens. They were just getting too routine and didn’t/don’t add any real value to the blog. So I imagine that I will continue that trend.

I did get a couple of 50 mile reviews out one pair that worked really well for me and another pair that didn’t work the way that I wanted.

Also I explained why I still bother to write reviews on close-out and older shoes that I get to run in, which you can read about here. But to sum it up quickly — I think I am like a lot of other runners who do not have big running shoe budgets and know that last year’s models work quite well for me and I am interested in how those shoes worked. So writing about older shoes is something I think other runners will be interested in, as well as the newer models.


Another over 40 mile week – 5 in a row!

Strava Weekly Summary 5 weeks
Strava Weekly Summary 5 weeks

Which is the first time since January, that I have run this consistently.

I would love to keep in the 40’s to the end of November, then use Thanksgiving week and the first week of December as rest weeks, before I start to build my base mileage again for spring 2015.

Keeping my mileage in the 40’s seems to be about the right level for me to keep running and not keel over from fatigue. Plus if I am training for up to 10K races and/or if I suddenly decide to jump into a 1/2 marathon some weekend for fun if I wanted, this is a nice amount of mileage, that doesn’t seem to overwhelm my body.

Here is the week in review:

Spreadsheet Weekly Summary 8-31-14
Spreadsheet Weekly Summary 8-31-14

I went through and double-checked the shoes versus where I put the mileage and corrected any errors that I had made. So the shoe mileage totals are now more accurate.

Yes, I am running a LOT of doubles each week, but the Bennie runs are fun and the pace varies so much during the run that they stay interesting.

Also, I have a 28 day running streak going and if I wasn’t running with Bennie, there is no way I would have that going on. Especially since a couple a days a week I only run with Bennie – those would normally be zero’s in the log book, but not necessarily rest days.


Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Roads – You can read my decision on why to get them here and my first impressions here and my 50 mile review here ;-). So far they are exactly what I wanted and expected.


Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Roads – I haven’t run in these since I got the N1 Roads, which feel a little less protective than the N2’s, but more flexible. I will be working them back into the rotation now that I have 50 miles on the N1’s.

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road CL 8.5
Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road CL 8.5

Skechers GoRun Ride 2 – My 50 mile review. No runs in them this week, I will be working them back into the rotation now that I have 50 miles on the N1 Roads.

Skechers Go Run Rode 2's
Skechers Go Run Rode 2’s

Skechers GoMeb 2 –  Here is my 50 mile review of the GoMeb2’s. No runs in them this week while I was trying out the N1’s on the track.

Pearl Izumi Peak II – I am now over 50 miles in these shoes and will do a review sometime this week or next – it will be next. They are a good trail shoe, but a bit slappy on the tar compared to other shoes, it might have something to do with the rock plate which makes a big difference on my Bennie run’s downback. I want/need the extra protection, when I am focusing on where he is going, versus where I am putting my feet.

Pearl Izumi Peak II
Pearl Izumi Peak II


The left hamstring issues, the left Achilles/Posterior Tibialis problems are continuing to be persistent issues that do affect my running, but not enough to shut it down, so as long as I keep making the choice to run through these issues it is my problems and whining about them ain’t gonna make a difference.



The reality is that

Overall a very good week and I just hope that I keep running this consistently over the next several years, but will be happy if I can do this for at least the next few months 😉 .

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