August 2014 – What A Surprise

A much as July was a roller coaster — August was all about becoming consistent:

  • Carrying through on a decision made
  • Consistency
  • Running with Bennie

Favorite Photo from Augusta

Meb and Me 8-3-14
Meb and Me 8-3-14

Decision Made

When my Chiropractor basically told me back in June, he had done about as much as he could do for me and my hamstring. At that point I decided to stop playing running injury victim and started to just run during July and in August I just ran.

No, everything was not, is not 100% and in all likelihood never will be. I have accepted that in order for me to run, that there is going to be a certain amount of discomfort – so I just have to suck it up and smile.

The decision to just run was the right one and I am doing fine.


This is the one thing that I really wanted to accomplish this month was to become more consistent and I was.

I ran 200 miles in August and had my highest mileage monthly total for 2014, by a very small amount.

I consistently got one speed session in on the track, a long run on weeks I did not race and a faster run every week and worked hard at slowing down on my recovery runs.

That didn’t mean I ran 50-60 miles one week and 20 the next, which had been my pattern for too long.

Instead I worked at staying over 40 miles and under 50 each week. Which meant that even though on most weeks, I could have easily gone over 50 miles, I chose to do less mileage on the weekends than I normally would have. Which meant I was more rested and my legs not as beat up from doing mega miles on the weekend to get an artificial mileage total that sounds great, but doesn’t really do anything for me, especially since I am focusing mostly on running 5K’s.

Running With Bennie

Speaking of having more fun with my runs, this is what running with Bennie is becoming – well most days — fun. I don’t worry too much about doing strides after other runs or trying for that elusive extra “fast workout”, because at some point or another on a run with Bennie I get to pick up the pace multiple times.

Bennie and the Snake
Bennie and the Snake

Most runs with the Bean are an adventure and have something different happen that I wouldn’t have experienced without my Bennie run.


The good news is that I was able to run over 200 miles and since I made the decision to just run and I am starting to feel like I am getting back in shape.

August Summary

Strava Augusta Monthly Summary
Strava Augusta Monthly Summary

Just one day off in August, I wasn’t planning on streaking, but we now have our streak up to 28 days and counting.

I have noticed that I often my only  run of the day is with Bennie, which means he definitely helps me to get out the door, but not run ridiculous miles. Although, I do a lot more doubles than I used to, they doesn’t seem to be bothering me as much.

Below is my August recap of the total daily miles:

Strava Weekly Summary 5 weeks
Strava Weekly Summary 5 weeks

I never got around to doing/finishing the Kinetic Revolution’s 6 week program, that I had planned on doing. It seemed that once I started to run consistently again, that I pushed the pre-hab/rehab portions of my workouts to the back burner and just ran. I really need to work on the mobilization/stretching and strengthening exercises to both get better/stronger and avoid injuries. Something I do need to do a better job on.


The hamstring is still not 100%, but it is not the focus that it was in May and June – I am still trying to move on, but some days are better than others. The Achilles or Posterior Tibialus still comes back to haunt me from time-to-time and really bothered me on my long on Friday, but otherwise I seem to be doing pretty good or at least better than I have for a while.

I would love to have a 6 month period (or longer), where nothing hurts and I could just run –  just to see what it would be like and if I could surprise myself a little. 😉  Oh well, after all the miles and fun I have put my body through it probably will never happen, but it would be nice.

If you are interested in all the different injuries I have had over the years, you can read about them here, I know that once I put the list together, I was shocked by the number of things that I have done to myself.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are not the answer to my injuries, but they can make a difference in how you run. Although I have a bunch of shoes listed below, I pretty much have gotten my rotation down to:

  • Pearl Izumi N1 Roads – Primary Running shoes, which I got for my birthday and wrote my 50 mile review on last week.
  • Skechers GoRun Ride 2’s – Medium runs and recovery runs
  • Skechers GoMeb 2’s – Track, treadmill and road speedwork sessions
  • Pearl Izumi Peak II’s – For running downback with Bennie, trail runs and when the crappy weather gets here this winter.
  • Pearl Izumi N2 Roads 1/18/14 – Recovery Runs & Down-back
  • Pearl Izumi N2 Roads 12/26/14 – My walking shoes – no running.
Running Shoe Comparison August-July 2014
Running Shoe Comparison August-July 2014

I have put away my Brooks Launch and Green Silence for a while – at least until my hamstring is feeling better and then see if I can add them back into the rotation. The GoRun2’s are in the truck as just in case shoes, the N1 Trails, GoBionic Trails and Newton Energy are gone. So there have been a few changes here as I weed through all the old shoes lying around and keep only the ones that actually are working for me.


Run for the Fallen — Brunswick. 5K 22:33/3.1  You can read more about it here and the struggles I had to get there.

The important thing about this race was that I made it to the starting line, despite coming very close to not doing so.

The reality is that

August was a better month  than I thought it was going to be, I did not expect to get over 200 miles for the month and didn’t feel like I beat myself up to get there.

Now to get back to doing my pre-hab and rehab exercises more consistently, so that I will hopefully avoid the injury bug as often. That and work on some of the strengthening exercises to get more “buff” – yeah right getting this old fart to look buff will take more than some exercises ;-).

Now let’s keep the momentum going and have a great September.

4 thoughts on “August 2014 – What A Surprise

  1. Awesome month – I have been so happy seeing your runs, your Bennie ‘fun runs’ as well as your consistent base-building … great, great stuff.

    I have had so many ‘real’ and internet friends injured this year it has been disheartening, and then getting an email about the Wineglass Marathon opening 100 new slots (it sold out months ago) due to a high number of deferments … and knowing at least three people who injury-deferred … again, sad.

    So that makes how great you are doing even more thrilling for me!

    1. Thanks Mike, running has been getting better, but I have also tried to be smarter about it than usual and capped my runs to stay under 50 per week for a while and listen to the govenah when I am doing a race, when it starts to bother I slow down and just take whatever it lets me do. Injuries are not fun, but as long as I listen to my body, things should be fine. I don’t want to get back on that merry-go-round again anytime soon.

      Thanks again Mike 🙂

  2. Harold, good month! 28 days in a row and over 200 miles in a month is fantastic.
    It has been my experience that most pains go away eventually. In my first few races my left achillles was killing me. It eventually went away, though sometimes it acts up again. I those pains are just normal and to be expected.
    I bet that eventually your pains will get better also. It may take time and lots of ice packs, but hang in there.

    1. Thanks Andy

      Yeah, I know it is just getting through the pain part that is hard and after a while you begin to wonder, if they will ever completely go away 😉 Just gotta suck it up and keep smiling though and this is just a part of what I have to do if I want to run.

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