More Than Warmish and Humid – RunLog 9-1-14

Looking down towards the new hospital
Looking down towards the new hospital

September is here and that means better weather for running is on its way. Well on its way, does not mean that it is here yet — today was 86F and over 60% humidity, so it still has some cooling to do 😉 .

I waffled from thinking about taking a day off, to doing a chase me run towards Waterville, instead, I did an easy Bennie Run and then TheWife said she was going into Kohl’s in Augusta.

She asked if I wanted to run to Augusta and even though it was warmish and muggy, I decided “a what the heck” and said sure.

So I ended up running almost 7.5 miles in this stuff.

Bennie’s Run

We started slow and crept up a little on the pace, but Bennie was happy with the  pace and didn’t try to pull me faster, we just plugged along.

Strava - Bennie Run 9-1-14
Strava – Bennie Run 9-1-14

and I know that when we got home my shirt and hat were soaked.

Run to Kohl’s

Well my wife got done with her 5.0 miler and had decided to go to Kohl’s. She know that I am not crazy about out and back routes that I like meeting her someplace to get a run in. Even though it was hot and humid, I decided to do it and instead of fighting traffic on Civic Center Drive, to turn in towards the new Hospital and go in the locked back entrance to the Marketplace. I figured it would be about 7.5 miles and as long as I went slow, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Yes, I brought water, yes – I went slower than normal and yes it was hotter than hell.

Strava Stats 9-1-14
Strava Stats 9-1-14

A 9:30 pace in this heat and humidity was a great pace for me.

It was a bit wonky on the run, there were so many drivers who must have had a lot of stuff on their minds, because there were so many cars/SUV’s and trucks that even though it was a passing area and no vehicles were coming from the other direction, they were still hugging the side of the road and I had to be very aware of any vehicle coming at me – they certainly were not showing the usual kindness that I encounter on my runs into Augusta on the Middle Road.

A different bunch of drivers than usual – I guess, these ones are usually at work. Oh well, just brought me back to reality about how bad traffic can be.

I made it there just as the wife was going through the check-out line. So the timing was perfect.

I decided to run in the N2 Roads, just because I knew that I wanted to go slower and they do have a little more cushion than the N1’s. It was the correct choice, my legs felt good at the end and even though that last hill was a pain in the butt, I just kept plugging up it.

2 thoughts on “More Than Warmish and Humid – RunLog 9-1-14

    1. Yeah, where we live out in the country there are too many out and back courses, so when I get the chance to do a run and get a ride home, I try. Besides it is cheaper than me wandering around inside of a store and getting a bunch of stuff I really don’t need, but the price is too good to pass up :-).

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