Throw Back Thursday – 1971 Camaro

This is a photo from 1976, in front of USCGC SHACKLE, when I was on the buoy tender in South Portland (depending on when the photo was taken) I was getting ready to go on liberty and had parked there. It seemed like a good photo and showed Portland in the back ground.

1971 Camaro after paint job 1976
1971 Camaro after paint job 1976

The car was my 1971 Camaro after a paint job by my Gramp and a new engine that Jimmy McGinnis put in (that 350 4 barrell, sure could fly). It was one of the most unreliable cars that I ever bought and I learned a LOT about car repairs, but it sure looked good and as a 18-19 year old kid driving around in it sure was fun.

Looking at this photo brings back a lot of memories, good times, bad times and more than a few smiles.ย 

4 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday – 1971 Camaro

  1. I shared a 72 Malibu and then had a 74 Impala … and they were total beasts! The Malibu looked a lot like your Camaro … but fortunately they were more reliable! Love the picture and the view of the coast!

    1. Thanks Mike – I have a lot of good memories from that period in my life, but wouldn’t want to go back and repeat them, especially with that car, it might have looked nice , but it was a POS. ๐Ÿ™‚ When I got it came down to a new Mustang II or the Camaro. Wish I had gotten the Mustang ๐Ÿ˜‰

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