Well That One Sucked – RunLog 9-4-14

As you can tell by the title my long run today was not something to write home about or give it more credibility than it deserves.

I started out really well and thought that I was going to have a GREAT run, but that changed going into mile 3.0 and didn’t get better – it got worse.

Strava Stats 9-4-14
Strava Stats 9-4-14

I made mistakes:

  1. Ran at the hottest part of the day
  2. Underestimated how hot it would, when I got down to Civic Center Drive it was 86F
  3. No shade and being constantly in the sun
  4. How much the 10-15 mph headwind pretty much all of Middle Road would dehydrate and suck the life out of my legs
  5. Didn’t have enough water and actually needed to stop and get Gatorade after 9.5 miles, because I could see the white salt stains forming on my shirt, out of water and was just generally feeling like shit.
  6. Having a GU flavor that I have never tried before and taking it just before 6.0 miles – it made me nauseous, even though I washed it down with almost the rest of my water.

What did I do right:

  1. Slowed down instead of going into beast mode and pushing myself to do more
  2. Walked when things really started to suck
  3. Stopped and got Gatorade.
  4. While standing in line for the Gatorade savored the Air Conditioning
  5. Listened to my body closely and didn’t push, but when I started feeling better, I started to run again.
  6. I finished the run, wasn’t injured, didn’t have heat stroke and was able to walk slowly up to top of Winthrop to catch a ride home with TheWife
  7. I ran in my PI N1 Roads and they did great, no issues with regard to the shoes or my feet

Sometimes you just have a bad run and then all you can do is put it in the log, add up the miles, whine a little and then forget about it

Oh what were we talking about?

That’s right that great run I had this morning with Bennie!

I wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, but the humidity was pretty low and the temps hadn’t broken into the 70’s yet, so it felt pretty good out there. We started out pretty slowly, had to account for a couple of vehicles coming at us (we slow down – a lot, because we have to get out where the rocks are pretty treacherous) and sped up pretty good to chase one – we both smiled after that one, then we sped up again on the flats to the Steven’s Lower Gate.

Strava Bennie Run 9-4-14
Strava Bennie Run 9-4-14

My morning Bennie run was a damn nice run, but I really don’t remember what that planned afternoon run ended up like, I seem to have forgotten about it 😉 .

3 thoughts on “Well That One Sucked – RunLog 9-4-14

  1. See, that’s what happens when you do doubles. One of them usually ends up good.
    Still, I’m impressed with that long run in the heat… not that I didn’t make those mistakes a few times myself these past weeks. I’m not a fan of summer 🙂

    1. Thanks – doubles are just part of the deal now, getting used to them and you are right one usually ends up much better than the other. Thanks, I am not going to complain, if I hadn’t been running, it would have been a great day, just a smidgeon warm for running a long run. Still it is better than running in -10F and 2omph headwinds in the winter. At least when I am done, I can lounge around in shorts/t-shirt 🙂

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