Peer Pressure Sucks – Even for Runners

My foot the day after, being run over
My foot the day after, being run over

I made a comment over at Mike’s Running Around the Bend and he suggested that I make it into a post, so here it is.

Peer Pressure, marketing (which can be a form of peer pressure) and advertising are prevalent everywhere in our cultures. The use of the “cool kid” imagery to get us to do stuff, even if it is not in our best interests at times, has become “just the way it is” with the constant barrage of TV, brand imagery and us bloggers talking about how “great” it was to do whatever, especially when it comes to running marathon distances – You know the holy triumvirate:

  • half
  • full
  • ultra

Over the past few years, I got caught up in the you gotta run a lot of miles every week and that running in a marathon (half, full or ultra) is something you just gotta do if you are a “real” runner.

mmmmmm cough, cough Bullshit!

You do not need to run a lot of miles a week, run a marathon or even run in a race (sorry Dr. Sheehan I disagree with you on that one) to be a runner.

I really think that prevailing mood in social media and many in the running community has gotten too many runners to thinking that they are supposed to run “big” miles and always be training for the next half, full or ultra marathon and that other races are given a short shrift when it comes to respecting that distance.

After all it can’t possibly be a real race if it last less than an hour for most people – I mean just about anyone can do that. Sarcasm there folks – but that is some of the attitude I have seen and heard.

Peer pressure sucks and it leads too many runners into that seemingly endless cycle of: Continue reading “Peer Pressure Sucks – Even for Runners”