A Quick Vacation Run – RunLog 9-8-14

TheWife and I went over to Gorham, New Hampshire for quick overnighter to start her week’s vacation.

We got in a nice hike yesterday over in Shelburne, although it wasn’t what we were looking for – it was more of an old logging road than a trail, it was still nice to be outside together, with the Bean πŸ™‚ .



It was just an out and back on this kind of road, so we were a little disappointed, but at least now we know.

We spent the night at the Royalty Inn in Gorham, had a nice pizza and whoopie pies for supper and fell asleep before 9:00.

This morning we went up to her brother’s camp in Millsfield and hung around for a couple of hours. Bennie and I got out for a run and the first half was pretty much uphill on 4 wheeler trails and a nice logging road, so while the uphill part wasn’t so fun, it was an out and back course. So coming back it was downhill, which we took advantage of.

Strava Stats 9-8-14
Strava Stats 9-8-14

We slowed down in a couple of sections of the wheeler trail, due to the footing being a bit dicey, but otherwise we just kept plugging along.

Upta Camp
Upta Camp
This logging road is in better shape and easier to run on than the road down-back
This logging road is in better shape and easier to run on than the road down-back
The Thinkers
The Thinkers
Bennie fishing
Bennie fishing – the first time he actually has gotten in the water – he is getting braver Β πŸ™‚
A freaking big-ass warf spider
A freaking big-ass wharf spider
Bennie's nemesis - a little  red squirrel giving him what-for
Bennie’s nemesis – a little red squirrel giving him what-for

The run was a good run and we both wish that we could run up there more often, there would be a lot less punishment on our legs :-).

A decent start to TheWife’s vacation, although she wasn’t feeling all that great for some of it, we got out of the house, got upta camp, got to see her brother and just relaxed a lot.

I even left the computer at home and just relied on my phone to approve comments, but didn’t respond to any until I got home tonight πŸ™‚ . I think that was the first time I have gone somewhere overnight in several years that I haven’t taken my computer along – it will happen more often in the future.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Vacation Run – RunLog 9-8-14

  1. Love the pictures … looks like a gorgeous setting to get up and out for a quick bit. Not sure you’ve shared pics of the wife in the time I’ve been reading, great putting faces to …erm, a name-ish? And it is hilarious what our dogs will conquer vs. what makes them cower! haha

    And as I am going away (for work) next week I am contemplating WHAT to carry. I have to bring work laptop, but aside from that and my phone … not sure. Unplugging IS addictive, and what I really want to do is get in my runs, enjoy the conference, and get as much out of the evening events as possible. Still have to decide … do I bring iPad? Normal Kindle for reading? Kindle Fire to watch some TV shows / movies on flights? Hmmmm….

    1. Thanks Mike – TheWife is also known as Mary, I prefer to just call her TheWife it is easier sometimes. Bring the minimum for what you want to accomplish, versus being present to other attendees πŸ™‚

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