Pushing the Redline – RunLog 9-9-14

Tuesday = speedwork, which means tonight I am freaking toast. Bennie and I sat in our easy chair after lunch (around 1:30) and then next thing I knew it was 2:45. TheWife is on vacation, so she was puttering around the house, making plenty of noise and I was basically – out and she said that Bennie never moved at all either.

Based on that result, I guess they were great workouts.

Really both of my runs today were tough ones, that challenged me in different ways.

Bennie Run

I think that Bennie can tell when I put on my Skechers GoMeb 2’s, maybe there is something about the way I walk or get more focused when I put them on. All I know is that he seems to know when I put them on, that we are gonna run faster than usual and he takes off, then looks back at me as if to say “well aren’t you coming you old fart!”

Silly dog!!! 🙂

Strava Bennie Run 9-9-11
Strava Bennie Run 9-9-11

Right around .8 miles we met a truck and had to slow down around the blind corner and then turned on the jets a little. I don’t think we have run that fast before – I know I was working and Bennie was not loligagging along either.

Then we slowed down going up the little knoll and did pretty good going down the other side. I decided to go up to Bartlett farm and I had forgotten how much of a little rise that is , though coming back down it wasn’t too bad. 😉  .

Going back up 1.0 mile hill is just enough to be a pain in the butt and I began to lose my focus right there and never really got it back.

Bennie didn’t really help in a couple of spots when he was more interested in playing tug of war than running fast, but that is part of the “joy” of running with him, he make me remember that this is supposed to be fun too. Yes working your ass off can be fun – well at least when it over and you can look back at it ;-).

This is a fair course that has enough rises to make it more or as challenging as many of the 5K race courses in the area, especially when I start adding in the Stevens Hill (for a fast uphill finish), as I keep getting in better shape.

I can feel that I am doing better, but when I get up around  or faster than a 6:40 pace, I notice my Achilles does talk to me a lot more and my hamstring, is saying some pretty uncomplimentary things about my sanity.

Oh well, I will just have to inspire those “governors” that I am getting better and they do not need to complain as often and allow me to run even faster.

Colby Track

This is where I really have to be careful. My legs are still tired from my earlier – hard/fast run with Bennie and I am telling them that they have to go fast again.

As much as I like to run fast, that first run does take some of the snap, crackle and pop out the legs for the track workout. I had originally planned on 8 x .25 with .25 rests, then 6 x 200m with 200m rests, with 4-8 100 yard barefoot strides on the football field after I was done.

I ended up doing:

  • 6 x .25 with .25 rests on all but the last one when I did a 200m rest.
  • 5 x 200m with 200m rests
  • 4 x 100 yard barefoot strides on the football field
Strava Stats 9-9-14 Colby Track Workout
Strava Stats 9-9-14 Colby Track Workout

While I didn’t do exactly what I had planned, it was still a tough workout and I was happy with it.

By the time it got to the football field for barefoot strides, my legs were toast and I cruised them more than worked them. I just wanted some time barefoot to work on form and strengthening my feet a little.

Although I feel as though I am doing my quarters and 200m’s slow, they are not and are right about where I should be for my present level of conditioning – between 6:40-7:00 min pace. I haven’t broken 7:00’s in a race this year for more than the first mile, so attempting to do quarters or 200’s a lot faster than that makes no sense and only opens me up to re-injuring myself.

In some ways doing these workouts alone is a good thing. I don’t tend to get my competitiveness going in overdrive and attempt to keep up faster runners – which knowing me I would probably try to do more than I should and it also forces me to focus on how I am feeling at that pace. Actually my faster repeats were pretty consistent, which has not always been the case.

Unfortunately, and in all honesty, my left Achilles and hamstring still limit me when comes to going faster. We will see how they do on Saturday’s 5K.

I can quickly feel the difference between a 6:20 mile and 6:40 mile, based just on how those two bark at me. They do not like the faster pace and even though the old lungs, mind and heart are willing and able to go faster, the leg overrules their need for speed.

Oh well, as long as I am still running, having fun and challenging myself to do as much as I can, I am pretty damn happy.

However, if I could just change that speed setting on the governor to get down in the 6:00 minute range without killing or hurting myself, hehehehe oh well an old fart can dream can’t he.

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