On the Way to 60

scanned-image-143As I approach my 60th birthday next August and cross that milestone, I wonder what future will bring.

But even as I get closer to that 60th birthday, it is still more “I don’t believe that I am that damn old, I just don’t feel that I am.” Sorry, to disappoint you Harold you are and it is a helluva lot better than the alternative.

You know, that being dead thing.

It is on my mind more than I want to admit, because it is the great unknown and yes it is a bit scary, because you know without any doubt, that you are closer to the end of your time here.

Then when you add in statistics and experts on aging, all saying that I will struggle with more physical ailments and that my mind will not be as sharp as it is today, as I continue live past my 60th birthday, (which is definitely the plan), it does make the future seem a little bleak. Continue reading “On the Way to 60”

Mizuno Kazan 2 – 50 Mile Review

How do you write a review about a pair of running shoes that have so many “issues” and at the same time you love to run in them?


That is the question for the ages and as many things as I find wrong with the Mizuno Kazan 2’s, when I start running in them, all the problems/issues or things I do not like disappear. It is the first pair of running shoes in a long, long time that I love to run in, but won’t use them for anything else.

Looking back, this is a model that I had a LOT of questions about when I bought them, but the price was under $50 through Amazon and I needed a pair of winter running shoes with a higher drop. I was very happy with the way the Inspire 11’s were working for me and the Kazan 2’s seemed to be the trail counter-part to that model.

So I took a chance

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Looking At All The Tech Marketing Hoopla

I got caught up in some of marketing hoopla around Apple’s release of the “new” MacBookPro, since one of my co-workers is seriously looking at getting one and was talking to me about it at work yesterday.

Computers, tech and I go back all the way back to the old Commodore Vic 20 and their cassette tape drive operating system. Over the years I have owned desktops, luggables, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Usually, some of the higher end stuff, just because I am a bit of a geek.

I currently own a 2009 MacBook Pro, 2014 Asus Flip TP 300L Windows computer and a 2015 Toshiba II and 2012 Samsung 550 Chromebooks, along with Android and iPhones.

So I have a bit of experience with computers and the associated tech.

Sticker Shock

Needless to say, the new MacBookPro looked amazing and the Surface Pro has intrigued me for a couple of years. So I started looking around the web, doing comparisons between the newly released MacBookPro, Microsoft Surface Pro and some other Windows 10 based laptops.

Once I got to looking closer – I WENT INTO STICKER SHOCK!!!!

Holy Crap!!! Continue reading “Looking At All The Tech Marketing Hoopla”

Marathon Madness – Not For Everyone

1983 Marine Corps Marathon

I didn’t think it would take too long before I did a running post.

I know I am spouting blasphemy but I really do not believe that all runners aspire to running a marathon or an Ultra as the ultimate prize of running.

Over the past few years, there has been such an emphasis on those two segments of the running world, culture, community or whatever the hell you want to call it, that it almost seems that if you don’t do marathons or ultras you are somehow being left behind.

ummm cough, sneeze….bullshit!

Personally, I would love to be able to train for and run a marathon again, but an ultra, well that doesn’t really trip my trigger. Unfortunately, I have a small problem, my body does not hold up to marathon training.

Which means that my probability of ever running one, much less racing one again are pretty slim.

Wanting to run one versus being able to run one are two different things. Continue reading “Marathon Madness – Not For Everyone”

Looking Out the Back Window

Most every morning, I get to see an explosion of critters, squirrels and birds fleeing every which way to get out of the yard as I enter.

img_20161023_085305241I usually make a couple of caws, which most of the critters, especially the crows and jays in the area have come to know as “it’s feeding time”.

I throw our offerings into their usual spot and go back into the house.

Then the fun begins. Continue reading “Looking Out the Back Window”

Hunting Season Starts Saturday

My brother with big buck back in the 90’s

Well the annual big event in rural Maine — Opening Day of Gun Deer Hunting Season happens this weekend. In many areas it is a huge deal, with Hunters Breakfasts, family gatherings, gettin upta huntin camp and all the other hoopla.

I get it, I used to get all excited about it too and was big into archery and gun hunting. I loved going out into the woods with Dad growing up, even when it was -10*F and walking on stumps (that my feet had become in my old gumrubbers) back to the old station wagon. The memories of hunting seasons past, keep it alive in my mind.

Pretty much, to the rest of my family hunting is still a big deal and every so often I get the hankering to get ready again to join in and go hunting again, but then it fades. Continue reading “Hunting Season Starts Saturday”

Why WordPress.com?

Storm clouds in the distance – Kind of like me moving back to WordPress.com

Yes, I like blogging on Blogger better, it is more open and I can do more, without having to pay extra for everything that I want to do. Especially when it comes to customizing the look or what widgets I choose to use. You can even earn a couple of pennies and maybe in 5-10 years or so reach the threshold for Google disburse the $100 bucks you need for having their Adwords on your blog.

That being said…

When I looked around and contemplated the directions that I wanted to take my blogging last week, I had some serious choices: Continue reading “Why WordPress.com?”

Starting Over

Why the new name?

I am getting older and doing that is simply aging, something that everyone does, whether we want to or not – it is a part of the journey we are on. Hence the new name for the blog.

Why Start Over?

After 8 years of blogging and over 5 years of being a runblogger, I am starting over. Bogging about running during those years was a GREAT experience and I got to meet (IRL and online) some really fantastic people! Unfortunately, being a runblogger also forced me to focus so much on running that I neglected other parts of my life that I enjoyed and are just as important.

Which means this blog has no stated focus other than the thoughts of a spastic Jack Russell owner, who is going to be 60 next summer and might have the same attention issues as his dawg.

I will say this bluntly, I am not blogging for success (been there, done that), my primary reason for having a web log, is to get stuff out of my head, sharing stuff I find interesting, talk a bit about this getting older thing, possibly passing on some wisdom and if something happens in my life that I want to keep as a memory, it will be where I can find it to re-read.

Running will still be a minor part of my starting over, but not the primary focus. Although one thing will not change all that much, I am still a running shoe geek (have been for many years) and will do reviews when I feel like it, but not because I feel I have to.

I plan to keep my writing light and a little irreverent, but I hopefully will not let the “sailor” in me out very often. An important change and one that will be hard is that I am going to keep the posts shorter, much shorter and get away from those long-winded 2,000 word essays that I did so well often on my other blogs.

Sometimes we go full circle with things and my blogging seems to have done that.

So here I am back to just having a web log.

It just feels…well right.