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Month: October 2016

Looking At All The Tech Marketing Hoopla

I got caught up in some of marketing hoopla around Apple’s release of the “new” MacBookPro, since one of my co-workers is seriously looking at getting one and was talking […]

Looking Out the Back Window

Most every morning, I get to see an explosion of critters, squirrels and birds fleeing every which way to get out of the yard as I enter. I usually make […]

Hunting Season Starts Saturday

Well the annual big event in rural Maine — Opening Day of Gun Deer Hunting Season happens this weekend. In many areas it is a huge deal, with Hunters Breakfasts, […]


Yes, I like blogging on Blogger better, it is more open and I can do more, without having to pay extra for everything that I want to do. Especially when […]

Starting Over

Why the new name? I am getting older and doing that is simply aging, something that everyone does, whether we want to or not – it is a part of […]