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Storm clouds in the distance – Kind of like me moving back to

Yes, I like blogging on Blogger better, it is more open and I can do more, without having to pay extra for everything that I want to do. Especially when it comes to customizing the look or what widgets I choose to use. You can even earn a couple of pennies and maybe in 5-10 years or so reach the threshold for Google disburse the $100 bucks you need for having their Adwords on your blog.

That being said…

When I looked around and contemplated the directions that I wanted to take my blogging last week, I had some serious choices:

  • stop blogging completely – which I came very close to doing
  • stay at One Foot In Reality and change the focus – yet again
  • create a completely new blog – I do not like the way Blogger changed its hosting arrangements, so to create a new one, I would have to deal with that
  • re-purpose an old unused blog

After I finally decided that I wanted to keep blogging, I looked closer at re-purposing and decided to go with it.

Sometimes instead of blindly going out and getting something new, just because you can, it doesn’t hurt to see what we already have and look at ways to re-purpose it into what we want or need going forward. I already owned and it is part of Hell, I just paid to renew it for a year and it was sitting there not being used for anything.

However, the old blog posts, media (photos/videos) and everything else had to go (comments, categories, tags, etc.), if I wanted to do this starting over thing the way that I envisioned. So I backed up the old data, took the time to delete everything off the site and took it from 2.8 gb of data to about 10 mb.

Yeah, it was worth it. I now have a clean blog and there is nothing from any previous incarnation, to get in the way of where my blogging might take me this time.

Sometimes you just have to backtrack and re-use or re-purpose what you have instead of getting something new. Then you can take off on that path less traveled without carrying the weight of the past, but still have something familiar to carry you forward.

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