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Month: November 2016

Week of Running – 11/27/16

Another week in the books and I made it through Thanksgiving, a 2-day work week (which was nice) and obsessing over another pair of running shoes that I have no […]

Bennie Looking at the Brook

from Instagram: We were on a 4.0 mile run down-back and Bennie stopped to look at something on the other side of the brook. I thought it was pretty, […]

Thanksgiving day Run Down back

from Instagram: I promised myself and Mary that I wouldn’t do either of the two Turkey Trot 5K’s in the area this morning. So I was good and ran […]

Bennie’s View Down-back

from Instagram: We were running down-back and had just finished a Bennie stop. When before we got going again, he stood in the road and didn’t move, with his […]

Week of Running – 11/20/16

I have been talking about running a little more lately on my blog, but haven’t been talking about how my running is actually going. Better. The leg is getting closer. […]

Just Because I have Gray Hair?

I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think that I am totally inept or stoopid, when I ask in a store, to see something to do […]

Looking Ahead – Just a Bit

  I am actually getting close to running pretty much pain-free…well most of time, if I am honest. When I attempt to maintain a pace faster than 7:30 for more than […]

No the Grass Is Not Always Greener

Sometimes, I think it is human nature to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the mountain, that taking the path less travelled will result in […]

Words – You Use Them

Words are important. The words you use convey believe it or not – information. The words you use are used by others to judge you. Yes, you are and will […]

Running on a Treadmill

The dreadmill, ah I think that one word says how many runners feel about treadmills. I guess I have always been a bit odd (what else is new!), because I […]