Why Did I Leave Teaching

basketball-1-1-012Way back in 2011, I was a Special Education Teacher at a local Junior High and before that I had been the same at the middle/high school grades, in a private school that primarily served students that I will call – the ones who didn’t fit in the typical public school.

When I left in 2011 I would like to believe that I was a good teacher, not great, but good.

Finally, after writing my post yesterday, I am ready to say the real reason that I left teaching. You know the real one that once you get beyond the excuses and rationales that I used to allow myself to leave when I did.

The real reason might surprise many and sound kind of hokey but I know, what I know. Continue reading “Why Did I Leave Teaching”

Too Many Garretts

There is always Hope.

This morning I read an article published in the Bangor Daily News – Garrett – Inside the Life and Fall of a Young Maine Man Addicted to Heroin.

It brought back a flood of memories, some good, some bad, but mostly it made me very sad, because I knew too many young men and women who were like the people and families described in the article.

You see, once upon a time, I worked at Good-Will Hinckley, back when it was a home for children that didn’t have homes. The programs I worked for several years were often either the last stop before a correctional facility/mental hospital or first stop after having been in one. Then I moved to the middle school/high school and got to see them in a different light. Continue reading “Too Many Garretts”