Today is Here

Well, decision day is here.

The United States of America gets to decide who will be the leadership of our States and Country for the next few years.

I question both Presidential candidates ability to lead, govern and/or heal the Country’s many divisive issues that have raised their ugly head during this election cycle. Yes, I believe that one is worse, much worse than the other and will vote for that person, I believe is the lesser of two evils.

That is the problem – I do not believe that I am alone.

When I cast my ballot for the Presidential candidate, I will be doing so looking at the whole ticket, who is the the Vice Presidential candidate becomes much more important an issue than it has in the past, because I honestly believe that either of the two at the top of the ticket will be impeached at some point during their presidency. One has too many enemies who have already said they will begin impeachment proceedings as soon as she is sworn in and the other will do or say something that will warrant it.

On the State level Cain vs Poliquin, again both are not who I am voting for, it is who I am voting against.

At the local level, I am voting for the guy who comes into my yard every so often to ask questions and talk with me about things. He doesn’t have to, but he does so he gets my vote, because he shares many of the same thoughts and ideologies that I have. Which are all over the place if you have not guessed.

The referendum questions, I am very comfortable with my thoughts on each one and will vote accordingly – probably surprising some in my choices.

This election cycle has been one of the worst in history for the anger, hate, vitriol, lies and just plain negativity about everything. It is not about the issues anymore, it is how much can the opponent be torn down, shredded and left with no creditibility.

Even the winners will be so badly damaged, by this election process that they will be unable to heal the wounds that were caused. After seeing the beating that people (yes, they are all people) take when running for office, it is no wonder that the best and brightest do not want to do it.

Why on earth would anyone want to be beat up and all the skeletons in their closets exposed to the point that we beat up our political candidates.

Oh yeah, power. It is all about power and control.

  1. the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.
    Google search result for politics definition

So sad that I go into the voting booth this morning, with that feeling of hopelessness – no matter who wins at the State or National level, before the election is even over.

So it is time to go to the polling station in Sidney, I hope you all vote your conscience and in a year or two, it will not be rearing its head, with you saying “why did I vote that way?”

Go vote.