President Trump

The United States of America has chosen Donald Trump as our next President.

Please notice that I am using “our”, we are still one Country, we are still one Nation, we are still living under the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights and while many this morning are disillusioned, scared, happy, proud (yes, there are both), it is our Democratic Republic in action.

Am I surprised at the result.

In a word. “No.”

I have too many neighbors, family and friends who were passionately for President-Elect Trump and against Hillary, for this to be a huge surprise.

Is it what I wanted? “No.”

Yes, I am disappointed.

However, the majority of Americans have spoken and Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America.

Those of us who supported the losing candidate can grieve, weep, say bellicose statements that will have little meaning, as we attempt to move forward and wrap our brains and emotions around how and why this happened.

And move forward we must.

For the People have spoken and they are tired of the political class that has garnered too much power over the years. Was it time for a shake-up in Washington and did too many voters see the status quo as not direction they wanted to go?

From the results of this election and some of my own views – it seems like that is what happened.

I don’t like many of the things our next President seemingly stands for, but now is the time when reality hits hard and is what many people are scared to death of.

What do the Republicans do now that they can govern and how does our new President actually lead us one Nation, versus simply campaign to get elected.

Do we go forward to a future more like Blade Runner or Star Trek?

Time will tell.

Either way, rich millionaires/billionaires will still be running the Country (whether they are Republican or Democrat) and the rest of us just attempting to live each day the best we can.

Policies and attitudes of those in power will move even more to the right and those on left, will attempt to slow the drift down.

It will be an “interesting” change. If you have read Sun Tzu, you will understand why I used the word interesting and put it in quotes.


However, in this time of uncertainty we all need to hold our heads high, continue to lead by example, live our lives well, learn from the lessons of this election and maybe, no hopefully, let the healing of the wounds that have been done to one another begin.

As a former American History teacher, I leave you with this link – I think it fits.

The World Turned Upsidedown – Cornwalis surrenders at Yorktown.

Yeah, the world got a little topsy-turvy yesterday.

and the band played on.