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Adidas Adios 3 – First Impressions

Okay, enough of the political crap, let me get back to something nearer and dearer to my heart – New to me Running Shoes.

I haven’t been that impressed with how the Hitogami 2’s were performing and I went over 200 miles in my Inspire 11’s, so I needed a pair of “faster for me”, treadmill for the winter and eventually race day shoes.


Elliott sniff testing the Adidas Adios Boost 3’s

Then I got a price alert on the Adidas Adios Boost 3’s for $98 at Running Warehouse (I have been interested in the Adios since the first one came out a couple of years ago), quite a drop from the listed $140, which was definitely WAY out of what I am willing to pay for running shoes. However, $100 bucks is right in the ball park.

So I did some research and re-read reviews, talked with Sam W. at Road, Trail, Run (whose opinion I respect very much and he does wear the same size as me, so I get a really good idea on the way a shoe fits from his descriptions) and decided to pull the trigger and get the AB3’s.

I have had the lower-end Adidas Boost shoes before and liked the midsole feel, but the toe box was just not wide enough and when Sam told me the toe box was probably going to work fine for me that is what made the difference.

When I got them in I was surprised at the weight 7.4 ounces, a little lighter than I expected, which would put it more in the race day shoe/faster workout line-up, than something in the daily trainer category.


I put them on and wore them around the house for a bit that night and they felt, well comfortable, although I was not real thrilled about the lacing, so I have to work on that so it doesn’t press down on the top of my foot, when I snug up the laces. That is a minor thing and easily fixed.

However, I was a little disappointed with Adidas’ Quality Control, while it is only a cosmetic flaw, it is something I am not used to seeing in a higher end running shoe and would be disappointed if I had paid full price for the shoes.


It is the kind of thing I would expect to see in a factory seconds store. It has zero impact on how the shoe runs, but…well I expect more attention to detail from a major brand like Adidas.

First Run

The first run in them was on the treadmill and by the end of the first mile I wanted to go faster. They ran well at the slower speeds, but absolutely shined when I got up to my race pace and faster on the .25 intervals I was doing.


I was impressed with how well they felt after the first warm-up .25 and increased the pace to 7.6 mph, they felt good. No hot spots, no left leg barking/complaining, just running. I wasn’t sure how the leg would hold up, so the first couple intervals, I kept it at 8.6 mph, number 3 was at 8.7 mph and I was still feeling good. So for number 4, I decided another increase to 8.8 mph and even though I was tired, the leg wasn’t bothering, so I pushed it up to 9.0 mph and felt strong to the end.

I wanted to do more, but at this point in my recovery, that was enough.

No hotspots or issues with the leg. The shoes felt light, fast and didn’t get in my way during the run, dare I say I felt good running at the faster speeds.


It has been a while since I have been able to do this workout and being able to do it in my first run in a pair of shoes is damned impressive. I could feel the “extra bounce” that the midsole gave back, even on the treadmill, it was almost a weird feeling at first. Good, but weird. When I was running slower at the start I could feel the cushioning and when I was running at speed, they firmed up nicely, it wasn’t like anything I have felt in other shoes before.

The second part of the test is that I wore them back to work for the rest of the day (another 4 hours) and other than that lacing issue I talked about earlier, they did not bother my feet.

All very positive signs.

The big test for me is usually the next morning. How did the leg feel the day after – no issues. Now I know that it is not just the shoes and that my leg has been getting progressively better, but the last time I ran harder in the Hitogami 2’s, my leg was definitely barking the next morning. So the Adios 3’s are doing something right with my running style.

As Sam W, says, “these are running shoes for mere mortals”. Yeah, even though they have set some marathon courses on fire too. I guess for my age, the number of miles on my legs and everything else, marathon racing shoes for many are now my 5k racing flats.

I guess as I get older, I have to adapt to this new body, I am discovering that I have. It has similarities to the old one, but is a lot more fragile and needs more upkeep than before.

However, the Adidas Adios Boost 3’s did impress me, now to get some miles on them.



  1. For the life of me, I simply can’t seem to get my feet to function properly with an Adidas shoe and this coming from one who loved using nothing but Adidas when I was growing up! They just seem not to work for me at all during my runs. Great write up though.

    • This is the first pair of Adidas that seem to actually fit me in several years, most of the time the toe-box is just too darn pointy. I am having the same problem with Saucony’s offerings over the past 2-3 years, I liked the Kinvara line, but it just never quite fit right and the Rider didn’t work for me. I initially loved the Zealot and Peregrines, but for lots of reasons they didn’t work for me, someday I will find Saucony shoes that work well, because I like the direction they are going.

      • I agree that Adidas has really pointy toe boxes. The Zealot is kinda so-so for me, I can run in them but given a choice, I’d go for K7 or the Ride 9 anytime. I’m holding out for the Freedom which can’t come soon enough! I’ve been going back to the really lower drops the past couple of months with the likes of the Type A6 and Fastwitch 7 which I seem to enjoy running in 😀

  2. I have been going in the opposite direction, the lower drop shoes bother my old Achilles and I am finding that the higher drop ones are letting me run a little more easily. Strange how that works out sometimes. But then again, when you were running in Skechers, they are pretty low drop for the most part, but have the rocker in there that eases a lower drop in my experience. The Freedom sounds like a great shoe, although the Breakthru is probably more in my league nowadays.

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