Adios 3’s Outside & a Crazy B$#@!

This is one of those days, I want to talk about my run this morning.

Yeah, it was one of the better ones I have had lately, but it is about more than just me bragging about how great a runner I am – yeah right.

We are pretty close to the middle of November, it is supposed to be chilly, but when I went out for my run I had on shorts, a short sleeve tech shirt and a long sleeve tech shirt. In other words, it was almost 50*F, 8 mph breeze out of the west and lots of sunshine.

Definitely, not typical for this time of year.

So I decided instead of doing a longer run, that I would do a faster for me run and use my new Adidas Adios 3’s to see how they would do outside and if my initial impressions on the treadmill carried over on the road and down-back.


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Getting Tired of Professional Football

I am sitting here after taking a nap (during the game) sort of, but not really watching the Falcons vs Eagles – it is more background noise that every once in a while catches my attention.

The NFL had a commercial that I caught the last part of, where they talked about reducing injuries and the future of football is here and they showed a room with lots of video monitors – not the playing field. Sort of indicating or insinuating that the future of football is technology studying how the game should be played.

Maybe I have become so jaded towards the NFL, its leadership and marketing campaigns, that I misread the intended meaning. It seemed like a CYA marketing effort to show how they are using technology to improve player safety, by a bunch of office hacks for legal purposes, rather than something to actually help players. Which would be a good thing, but just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason or other.

However, it brought up a litany of other things that I don’t like about professional football. Continue reading “Getting Tired of Professional Football”

A Couple of Changes

Yes, I have made a few changes that better reflect where I want my blog to go. I waited a few weeks after I moved here in October, actually thought about what needed to be done and now I feel good about the tweaks I made last night.


Blog Name Changed

You will notice that there is no specific “name” for my blog. Even though I did like Simply Aging for a title, it doesn’t really fit and limited or narrowed what I am expected to write about.

Which is something I did not want.

So I have stopped having a blog title and just gone with the selfie of me in the upper corner and not worried about what to call it, other than my blog. That might even be the name someday, if I feel that I need one again.

A minor change, but one that was necessary in my mind. I am not attempting to create a brand, I am just writing about things that interest me. Continue reading “A Couple of Changes”

Thank You

Earlier this week I wrote a post We Have To Keep Moving Forward and there were more comments and thoughtful discussion of people’s perspective on the election results.


This could have quickly degenerated into vicious attacks and thoughtless comments.

It did not.

All the comments remained respectful and articulately provided the thoughts of the writers during a very difficult time for many.

I want to take the time to personally thank each and every one of you, who took the time to comment and to show that we can have civil discourse about something so emotionally charged.

Thank you!