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A Couple of Changes

Yes, I have made a few changes that better reflect where I want my blog to go. I waited a few weeks after I moved here in October, actually thought about what needed to be done and now I feel good about the tweaks I made last night.


Blog Name Changed

You will notice that there is no specific “name” for my blog. Even though I did like Simply Aging for a title, it doesn’t really fit and limited or narrowed what I am expected to write about.

Which is something I did not want.

So I have stopped having a blog title and just gone with the selfie of me in the upper corner and not worried about what to call it, other than my blog. That might even be the name someday, if I feel that I need one again.

A minor change, but one that was necessary in my mind. I am not attempting to create a brand, I am just writing about things that interest me.

A Different Theme

The theme is not quite as minimal as the other one and has a sidebar, which I have always found helpful when I visit other blogs, so I wanted one here. Plus having a sidebar allows me to put a few quotes that I enjoy having and keeping close. The colors are not what I would classify as Harold colors, but I do not want to scare anyone away with bright yellows, oranges, blues that I would probably use otherwise ;-).


While the stats are booming (yeah right) – a big day is 20 hits. Hell, I still get over 200 hits a day on my old blogger blog, even though I haven’t written there in a month. I am not in blogging for the big stats and I am much more comfortable with the content of my blog now.

Yes, it is still pretty vanilla, but that is who I am, pretty moderate and centrist, but my posts have ranged from politics, aging, living and believe it or not running.

I have been able to get things outside of my head, think about what needs to be thought about, sometimes serious, sometimes light, maybe even informative once in a while, but they are my thoughts and getting them out here is helping me see things a little more clearly.

The quality of the conversations are better than I ever thought possible and thoughtfulness of those who are commenting are far more civil and genuine than what I had to moderate at times before.

I guess the trolls have not found me – yet.

Either way, I want to thank all you who have taken the time to read my blog in its new home and format.

Going Forward

Now that the election is over, I wonder what will be written about going forward, because I am not going to perseverate over the Trump transition. Hmmm maybe think about how the Celtics are doing, the hot stove league, some more running stuff, life in general topics, a little on aging…ah hell there will always be something to write about.

I just don’t want to get stuck writing or whining about one thing, especially if that one thing might be…well we will find out how things go won’t we.

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